Back to the Future: How Technology at Gas Stations is Reviving Customer Experience

There is no denying that technology has completely revolutionized every walk of life, including the retail industry. Majority of retailers have integrated technology into the customer shopping experience for a more successful consumer engagement. And success and profitability are dependent on customer engagement.

Retailers continuously look for ways to enhance their customers’ experience. More and more c-stores are striving toward making the customer retail experience more customer-oriented rather than profit-oriented.

By using technology, they can amass enough data on the customers so that they can serve them better and bring the focus back to them for an overall improved customer experience.

Taking Cues from the Past

In the olden days, store employees made sure to maintain a personal relationship with customers who visited their service station. People were greeted on a first-name basis and the store’s attendant knew what their customers needed.

Whether they had come to the store for gas, to inflate tires, or to grab some grocery items, attendants made sure they got what they wanted.

As the times went by, most of the retailers shifted their focus on bringing about complete efficiency by shining the light on the products; advertising them in the best way possible and oftentimes, selling them at the lowest cost possible to drive sales. Product advertisements fast became the new norm of interacting with customers.

new norm of interacting with customers

Adding Technology to the Mix

Retailers are now going back and reclaiming the once-lost customer interaction with the help of technology. Data analysis has become key in maintain relevant customer relationships without the need to spend added time and costs for training service-oriented employees. Technology can do that in less time and for relatively lower costs.

Retailers can use customer data in many ways; a loyalty card, for example, can produce a wealth of information through transaction data. It can give retailers consumer preferences and needs so they can use it to instill loyalty and influence purchasing habits.

Another interactive solution is the newer technology of Gilbarco’s Impulse. This allows retailers to mine valuable customer data by accessing traffic patterns. It also keeps customer input in mind through an interactive shopping experience with the customers themselves.

Business savvy retailers have realized the need for advanced technology solutions for the betterment of the consumer shopping experience. Using technology the right way will not only build customer relationships, it will result in the mutually beneficial combination of increased sales and increased loyalty.

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