Technical Support Notification: EMR4 PC Setup Tool

Veeder-Root EMR4This Technical Service Notification (TSN) will inform the technician of various setup fields they should check after using the EMR4 PC Setup Tool. When the setup file is downloaded to the EMR these fields are improperly written by the PC setup Tool.


Click here to download the TSN


Please contact Veeder-Root Technical Support with any questions regarding this notification: 1-800-323-1799,



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UST Release Detection Guide for Savvy Gas Station Owners!

Controlling UST releases and mitigating subsequent environmental contamination risks require a robust prevention and detection plan. In our previous post, we looked at what gas station owners can do to prevent UST releases at their sites. And in today’s post, we’ll be focusing on the other part of the plan— how gas station owners can quickly detect a UST release at their facilities before it spreads and contaminates the surroundings.    Continue reading