Why Your Gas Station Should Invest in Car Wash Service

In an industry where profit margins can often fluctuate based on the socio-political dynamics of the international market, you must constantly look for ways to support your bottom-line through more dependable and stable revenue generation means. Offering a car wash service at your gas station is one such way if done right.   


There is Money to Be Earned Through Car Wash Service

According to the International Carwash Association, a car wash service can help you rake in at least $41,000 per year in profits. This is an impressive return, which you can use to improve your operations, further extend your offerings, or open another gas station. You can even save this additional money for bad times when the next fuel price drip happens.

Beyond its profit potential, a car wash service can also be a sales driver for your other gas station products.

For example, you can offer your customers a discount on your in-store items with the purchase of a car wash package and increase your convenience store sales. You can also use this same strategy for making a splash with your fuel sales. Customers can come into your gas station, have their cars washed and cleaned and purchase gasoline on their way out at discounted rates. Imagine the queues of vehicles that would be lining up outside your gas station, waiting to be served.

Car Wash Service Options

Warming to the idea of offering car wash service at your gas station? Then let’s discuss your car wash service options.

There are several car wash service systems available on the market, varying from in-bay automatics to full service tunnels. However, we’d recommend that you start with a touch-free in-bay car wash.

There are a couple of reasons for that:

  • First, touch-free in-bay car wash systems cost less to build; most projects can be completed under $400,000.
  • Second, they require less labor, less maintenance, and can operate 24 hours a day.

Of course, touch-free in-bay car wash systems don’t have a high throughput—they can wash about nine cars every hour—but they’re a pretty safe investment to go with, especially for beginners.

And that’s it from us for today; we hope you enjoyed the read and found it helpful.

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