The Need for a Birth Certificate for Your Underground Storage Tank

Installing a new underground storage tank (UST) at your gas station? Wait! Have you created a record of its most important characteristics for future reference? A “birth certificate” so to say?


You see, creating a birth certificate for your new underground storage tank is important. Once the tank is buried and the site is back-filled, obtaining information and visual confirmation about even the most basic things—like the color of the piping—could become difficult for you.

You may ask: Why you might even need any such information for the future?

Well, there could be many potential scenarios where you might need to reference the information related to your storage tank.

For example, you may have an insurance inquiry to make or site upgrades to perform. You may have a visit from the state inspection team. You may have a future sale to complete.

In all these situations (and others), having a record of the specifications of your underground storage tank could come in handy.

Of course, one way to verify the details of your equipment could be to contact the manufacturer or contractor. But this could be time-consuming and inconvenient; dialing for answers is no fun.

This begs the question:

What are the things you need to include when creating a birth certificate for your underground storage tank?

Creating a Birth Certificate for Your Underground Storage Tank

A comprehensive UST birth certificate contains the following information:

  • Serial number
  • Manufacturer name
  • Tank dimensions
  • Material of construction
  • Number of sumps
  • Number of compartments
  • Description of interstitial monitoring system
  • Secondary containment type
  • Contractor information
  • Date of installation
  • Burial depth
  • Type of anchoring used
  • Number of anchor straps installed
  • Piping details


Furthermore, always make sure that when you’re creating a birth certificate for your underground storage tank, the information detailed in the certificate is supported with pictures. Also, create printed and digital versions of the certificate just in case the original one is lost, misplaced or destroyed.

That’s it from us for today; we hope you found the read informative and helpful.

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