Proper Forecourt Maintenance Is Essential for Gas Station Success

The importance of proper forecourt maintenance can’t be overstated.

It makes your facility look clean, extends the life of your hardware, keeps your operation safe, and most importantly, drives more customers to your gas pump.

In contrast, a poorly maintained forecourt contributes to a bad aesthetic, downgrades equipment performance, and makes your operation unsafe.

Proper Forecourt Maintenance Is Essential for Gas Station Success

The result?

More running expenses, fewer customers, and even lesser “loyal” customers.

Your forecourt is the front door of your gas station. It creates the first and last impression of your gas station business.

So if you want fuel customers to keep coming back to your gas station, you should invest time and effort into maintaining your forecourt.

You should:

  • Empty the trash bins daily
  • Clean up spills as they happen
  • Promptly replace any fused-out lighting (or bulbs) in the canopy

These are just the basics, however.

Complete and Proper Forecourt Maintenance

Proper forecourt maintenance also involves committing to an inspection and maintenance regimen for all equipment (and hardware) installed at your forecourt.

This, in particular, include:

  • Inspecting and maintaining your fuel nozzles
  • Inspecting and maintaining your dispenser hose
  • Inspecting and maintaining your storage tank

For Fuel Nozzles

You should check them daily for loose spouts, leaks, broken clips, and bent levers.

Longer range inspections cover:


  • Checking the automatic shut-off feature
  • Checking the “remove-by” date


  • Checking for electrical continuity

If there any damaged (or past it) fuel nozzles, they should be replaced immediately.

For Dispenser Hose

Issues in the dispenser hose are common and often the most cited violations during safety inspections.

You should inspect your fuel pump dispensing hose and whip hose assembly weekly for kinks, leaks, bulges, blisters, cuts, flattened areas, and soft spots.

If there are any signs of abuse or stress, replace the assembly with a new one.

For Storage Tank

Storage tank inspection and maintenance involve a long list of practices and protocols. A few of the recommended checks include:

  • Inspecting the spill bucket before and after every delivery for damages, cap tightness, water, debris, and fuel waste
  • Inspecting the manholes to ensure they are properly bolted
  • Inspecting the tank for phase separation detection

Wrapping Up

Fuel retailing is a highly competitive business. To survive and prosper in this business, you must keep your fuel retailing site well maintained, especially the forecourt. It’s just a smart way of operating.

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