Promotions Convenience Store Owners Can Offer to Maximize the Gas Station Profits

An empty, poorly managed fuel station

Due to market competition and ease for new entrants, existing service station owners may find it challenging to drive more sales. You must understand that the target customers for your fuel station are interested in more than just getting gas. They want exemplary on-spot service and diverse offerings at service stations. Facility owners need to come up with effective promotional strategies to boost brand awareness and traffic.

However, creating cost-efficient promotions with measurable goals can be quite a task. You may have heaps of customer data on the cloud, but a robust analysis is required to implement relevant and personalized promotions and prices.

Let’s look at some ways to enhance convenience store profitability.

1.    Loyalty Programs for the Win

Once you have collected consumer insight, to the next step in promoting brand awareness is introducing a loyalty program. Gas stations with convenience stores and wash stops have an edge over competitors because they can mix and match their offerings.

Loyalty programs can be digitalized or card-based. Offer free refuel or washes, take advantage of peak hours, strategize how you can convince a driver to grab a bite while getting gas.

No matter where your station may be located, you can curate highly personalized, engaging, and attractive loyalty programs with robust and accurate customer data.

2.    Use Mobile Technology

When marketing promotional campaigns, service station owners often struggle to reach the right customers. This is where mobile tech comes in.

Implement digitalized payment systems, remote credit support, and pay-and-go platforms to increase customer convenience. Such steps also promote brand reliability and value as your customer can gauge the proximity of your offerings in a better way. Invest in a gas station management system that includes an advanced POS system and fuel management systems.

Create an exceptional customer experience with robust touch-points such as self-service kiosks, self-payment stations, and mobile commerce. While EMV regulations have made it difficult for gas station owners to improve security, they’ve rapidly improved the overall fuel retail experiences.

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3.    Offer Free Tire Air Pump Check and Wash

This one’s a basic yet effective promotional strategy that is bound to work for fuel service stations. If you’re looking for low-cost options to increase sales, consider offering free air pump and pressure check services to your customers.

You can direct them toward check and fill counters, easy-to-grab bites, and tire pressure check kiosks. Offering this promotion will increase traffic at your station and help you retain customers for a longer period.

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