Preparing Your Gas Station and C-store for

Summer is a busy season for many gas stations and convenience stores. During the warmer weather, people plan road trips and travel more, which results in a higher demand for fuel and snacks. While some patrons make random stops, others are picky about the gas stations and c-stores they go to. It’s important to prepare your gas station and c-store to improve your summer potential. Here are some tips for setting you up for a busy, profitable season:

Make a few upgrades

Who doesn’t like to make a stop at a well-maintained gas station? In fact, most people prefer going to modern fuel pumps. You can uplift your gas station by making a few upgrades like installing a new canopy and LED lighting system. It will make your gas station appear more attractive and safe, especially during the night. You can also upgrade your fuel pumps with the latest models that come with display screens to improve customer experience.

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Introduce summer items

Stock your c-store with summer items and run promotions to entice customers to your pump. Cold beverages and ice creams are the top-selling items during the summer. Beach towels, unisex flip-flops, water bottles, and sunscreens are also high in demand. These products will help you maximize your c-store sales. People who come to your c-store for these items are likely to fuel their vehicle as well, maximizing your revenue.

Advertisement and marketing

Utilize digital platforms and social media channels to promote your gas station and c-store. Showcase your summer items and upgraded gas station to encourage people in your area to visit your facility. You can also introduce discounts and promo deals to incentivize customers. Ensure that you share your Google map address so potential customers can conveniently find your gas station and c-store.

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Focus on cleanliness

Maintaining a clean, hygienic gas station can pay you dividends. Many people stop at gas stations to use the restroom, so keep it in an immaculate condition to impress your customers. Clean restrooms are good business. Consumer perception of cleanliness will translate into a positive business image, and they are likely to stop at your c-store to buy some products and fill up their fuel tank at your facility.

EMV compliance

What does EMV compliance have to do with summer? Well, it turns out many customers prefer to pay via credit card these days. Upgrading to chip-enabled technology will provide them with secure checkout options, improving the value of your gas station.

Moreover, as the April 17, 2021 deadline has passed, your business is liable for fraudulent transactions, which can put a massive dent in your hard-earned profits during the summer.

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