Pneumercator January 2022 Technical Certification Training Webinar Invitation

2-Day Online Technical Certification Training

When:  January 11 – 12,2022 (2-day online course)
Time:  9AM to 4:30PM Eastern (8AM to 3:30PM Central, 7AM to 2:30PM Mountain, 6AM to 1:30PM Pacific)

Cost: $275.00 per technician. DO NOT EMAIL CREDIT CARD INFO.

To Register: Call 1.631.293.8450 or email robyn@pneumercator.comDO NOT EMAIL CREDIT CARD INFO.

NOTE: You will be provided with the webinar link once you have registered. Certification is valid for 2 years

Pneumercator TMS4000Course Overview: This class offers technicians the opportunity to obtain or renew factory certification necessary to perform installation, startup, repair, and maintenance of the select Pneumercator products listed below.

Recommended Experience/Education: All attendees should have some prior experience with the installation and
maintenance of electronic tank gauging and leak detection systems, including general knowledge of NEC/NFPA electrical code requirements, and more specifically, hazardous location classified installation and wiring requirements and safety procedures.

Pneumercator TMS2000

Required Materials: A computer with internet access. Webcam optional. Dial up voice support provided via telephone number upon signing into webinar. Groups may share a computer but a larger screen (i.e. projector, large TV, etc.) is recommended.

Materials Provided:
Training Presentation via internet link.

TMS Communicator via internet link.

Certification: Renewal required every 2 years.

Pneumercator LC1000AProducts Covered:

  • LC1000-A Series Non-Discriminating Leak and/or Pt. Level Sensing system.
  • LC2000 Series Discriminating/Non- Discriminating Leak/Pt. Level Sensing system.
  • PC1000 Series pump controller.
  • TMS Series Automatic Tank Management Systems.
      • TMS3000: Multi-Tank Gauging System, 12 Tanks and 40 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
      • TMS2000: Two Tank Gauging System, 8 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
      • TMS2000W (Wireless): Multi-Tank Gauging System, 12 Tanks and 40 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
      • TMS1000: Single-Tank Gauging System, Non-Hazardous Applications, 4 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
      • TMS2000A1x: 4-20 mA Input Tank Gauging System, 4 Tanks and 4 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.

    Pneumercator Probe

    • TMS2000A2x: Resistive Input Tank Gauging System, 4 Tanks and 4 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
    • TMS4000: Multi-Tank Gauging System w/Touch Screen, 48 Tanks and 48 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
    • TMS4000W (Wireless): Multi-Tank Gauging Sys. w/Touch Screen, 32 Tanks and 128 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors. 
  • Magnetostrictive Probes
  • Sensors
    • Point Level Sensors
      • LS600 Series (includes LS600, LS600W, LS600M, LS600F4, and LS600X)
    • Leak Sensors
      • LS600LD
      • LS610
      • RSU800
      • Pneumercator ES825 SensorES825 (Non-Discriminating and Discriminating)
      • HS100ND
      • HS100D
    • Line Leak Sensors
      • LLP203
  • TMS Communicator
    • TMSComm
    • Autopolling
    • TMS Network Configuration
  • Special Applications using flexible probes: Bulk Storage, Low Ceiling clearance, Chemicals.

See the Pneumercator Technical Certification Training Class Invitation here.

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