Increase Profits by Installing ENCORE-700S Gilbarco at Your Gas Station

The fuel pump dispenser is a critical component that transports the gas at the exact pressure, which keeps the engine protected from wear and tear. Therefore, it’s important to purchase a high-quality fuel dispenser to control the pressure and optimize the fuel delivery as well as protect your fuel pump equipment.

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the popular ENCORE-700S Gilbarco fuel dispenser and how it can improve the bottom line of your gas station business. Let’s get started:

ENCORE-700S Gilbarco

The Encore 700 S is regarded as one of the best fuel pump dispensers manufactured to date. The Gilbarco product comes equipped with a 400-MHz ARM A9 Core chip. The secure processor supports data encryption and tampers responsiveness. It’s a highly reliable fuel dispensing machine that fulfills all the needs of a modern gas station.

One of the biggest selling points of ENCORE-700S fuel dispensing system is CRIND technology, which offers a high level of security. It’s a future-proof technology that can be upgraded to prevent vulnerabilities. The 700S comes with an ATM-style customer interface, support different fuel types, and maximum uptime warranty.

Key highlights

The ENCORE-700S has a default 5.7” QVGA screen, which can be upgraded to a 10.4” VGA screen. It comes with a bundle of features, including mobile payments and improved merchandising, and several other applications, which sets it apart from regular fuel dispensing systems in the market.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • High-resolution display with improved image clarity and video performance
  • A pre-installed keypad heater option to prevent ice accumulation during winters
  • NFC contactless reader for faster transactions
  • Door switches to restrict POS access in case of tempering.
  • Encrypted pulser for enhanced security (optional).

EMV compliance

The Encore 700 S is equipped with the latest EMV technology. As EMV deadline is pushed to April 2021, gas stations have an additional 6-month window to become compliant. Switching to this advanced and innovative fuel dispensing system will allow you to mitigate fraud, avoid liability shift, and protect your gas station.

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The previous EMV deadline (October 1, 2020) was meant to be the final cutoff date, but it was further pushed back due to COVID-19. It’s highly unlikely that there will be another extension so the longer you wait, the more you might it difficult to be compliant due to projected demand in the next few months.

Now is the best time to upgrade to the Encore 700S Gilbarco. John W. Kennedy Company is a leading distributor of Gilbarco products in the United States. We’re a renowned service station equipment provider that offers a variety of premium-quality petroleum equipment and supplies, including a wide range of fuel management systems. Visit our online store to browse our products.

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