How to Clean and Sanitize Automatic Tank Gauges at Your Gas Station?

In the past few months, we witnessed companies and firms operating in every industry vertical adapt and change their practices due to the global pandemic. Gas stations and convenience stores are among the businesses that have played a critical role in helping people move around and get supplies amidst the lockdown and social distancing. 

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As the COVID-19 remains a significant threat in the United States, gas stations and convenience stores must take safety precautions to protect their customers and employees, including cleaning and sanitizing shared field equipment like automatic tank gauges (ATG).

Learn how to clean and sanitize automatic tank gauges at a gas station:

How to Clean and Sanitize Automatic Tank Gauges

Clean the ATG with mild soap and water using a dampened microfiber cloth to clean the surface. Make sure you rub the fabric gently to avoid damaging the machine. Avoid using hard chemicals like bleach or bleach-based products. Cover all commonly-handled surfaces like buttons and printer doors.

After the cleaning process is complete, sanitize the ATG using isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol). Again, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the disinfectant to the surface without applying too much pressure. Most importantly, never spray the disinfectant directly on the ATG surfaces—especially on the consoles, display panels, or printer doors.

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Important tips to remember

  • Don’t press hard on display to avoid damaging the screen.
  • Avoid using cleaners containing ammonia or sodium hydroxide.
  • Don’t forget to clean and sanitize the nozzle handle, buttons, and keypads.
  • Instruct employees to wear gloves and masks when cleaning the ATG.

Protecting your customers

You must formulate pandemic-related SOPs to protect the customers at your gas station and c-store. All the employees must wear gloves and masks at all times. Every employee must be tested for fever and COVID-19 related symptoms. Any employee with symptoms should remain off-duty until tested negative.

You should also switch to EMV-compliant POS to allow customers to pay via credit card to minimize the handling of cash, leading to the spread of the deadly disease. It will help you attract more customers and protect your business from financial liability in the future as the deadline to become EMV-compliant is only a few months away.

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