Gas Station Safety Guide: 2020 Edition


Gas stations are fire-prone areas. According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 5,000 fire accidents are reported in the US gas stations every year. Managing the safety risks at fuel pumps is a complicated process.  From gasoline hazards to static electricity-related incidents, numerous risks can cause damage to customers and employees.

Here’s a safety guide that will allow you to improve the security of your gas station:

Gasoline Hazards

Gasoline is a dangerous substance that’s difficult to contain without controlled systems in place. There’s always a risk of explosion and fire near gasoline due to its flammable properties. Therefore, you must ensure to take adequate steps to keep your customers, employees, and premises protected. Check the fuel tanks, nozzles, and any fuel equipment at your gas station that presents a safety threat.

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Hazardous Substances

In addition to gasoline, fuel pumps have a range of chemicals and substances that can result in chemical burns or health complication. These items must be stored safely in their original containers. Read manufacturer’s instruction to keep them at a safe location. Also, you must provide PPE to workers and train them to handle the hazardous substances safely.

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Fire Hazard

Fire Hazard

In gas stations, there’s always a risk of fire. Hence, a detailed fire response plan should be in place. Keep all escape routes, and fire exits clear. Install a fire extinguisher and fire safety balls at several places, especially near the fuel pumps. Also, keep the gas station clear of debris and oil spills and carry out fire safety drills or training sessions.

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Slip and fall

Gas stations must keep their property safe for their customers. If a customer becomes the victim of a slip and fall accident and sustains injuries, they can sue the gas station owner to claim compensation under premises liability laws. Scheduled cleaning and power wash can keep the floors clean and prevent the chance of slips, trips, and falls incidents.

Gas stations and c-stores

Robbery and theft

Gas stations and c-stores are often popular targets for a variety of crime. Therefore, you must install high-definition security cameras, safety alarms, and—if necessary—hire physical security to keep your facility protected. Make sure your gas station is well-lit during the night as criminals are less likely to target stores with high visibility to prevent getting caught.

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