From Forecourt to C-Store: How to Pump Up Sales at Your Gas Station

Adding a c-store to your gas station is a great way to make more sales and increase your business’s bottom line.

That said, converting your fuel-only customers to c-store customers is no easy task, a challenge that you might already be well familiar with.

From Forecourt to C-Store

A report by GasBuddy reveals that only 27.4% of fuel customers stop by at the c-store of a gas station after they fuel up; majority of them drive away after refueling.

So how do you correct this? How do you drive more customers from your forecourt to your c-store after they fill up their tanks and convince them to buy your c-store products?

Keep Your Forecourt Clean

The forecourt is the first handshake between fuel customers and a gas station business and plays a pivotal role in shaping the image of the company. Keeping your gas station’s forecourt clean is, therefore, of utmost importance if you want to drive more customers into your c-store. According to one study, forecourt cleanliness has a strong to moderate influence on the opinion of a customer about a c-store even before they enter one.

Make Sure the Restrooms are Always Clean

A national handwashing survey revealed that unpleasant restroom experiences at gas stations create a negative perception among fuel customers. They may avoid making in-store purchases thinking how many people might have used the dirty restroom and touched the products on display. So, make sure, like your forecourt, your gas station’s restrooms are also well maintained and kept clean.

Leverage Media Technology and Solutions

Today, thanks to advancements in gas equipment technology, the role of gas pumps has evolved beyond that of simply dispensing fuel; they have transformed into proper marketing and advertising tools. For example, companies like Gilbarco, are designing fuel dispensers that come fitted with digital advertising displays to help gas station owners easily promote their c-store products to fuel customers on the go. You can install these media solutions at your forecourt to showcase your c-store products to your customers and tempt them into make a purchase.

Are you ready to take your gas station sales to the next level?

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