For Gas Station Owners: Be Diligent with Your Fuel Deliveries

Sure, you do regularly observe the fuel delivery vehicle parked on your forecourt from your office window and keep a close eye on the driver when they’re delivering fuel into your various underground storage tanks.

But when was the last time you “actually” went out and monitored a delivery in person to ensure that the driver was putting the right grade—or the right amount of fuel—into the right tank?

Fuel Deliveries Sometimes Go Wrong

Various studies reveal that one out of every 14,000 fuel deliveries at U.S gas stations result in an incorrect drop. Cases of disputed delivery amounts are seen far more often, with every one in 4,000 fuel deliveries not delivering the right amount of product to what station owners pay for.

Of course, most of these instances are not intentional acts of fuel-transport drivers and, instead, happen by mistake. In fact, in some of the cases, it’s not even the drivers who are at fault, and it’s more or less the unclear or incorrect markings on USTs that mislead drivers into putting the wrong fuel into the wrong tank.

Regardless of whatever may be the reason for an incorrect fuel delivery, any such incident can prove to be costly for the reputation and business of a gas station.

  • It brings bad press
  • It leads to unnecessary repairs and maintenance work
  • It scares away new and existing fuel customers

Being Diligent with Fuel Deliveries

Considering the negative outcomes of an incorrect or inaccurate fuel delivery, it’s critical that you diligently monitor your fuel delivery operations to avoid any such inconveniences.

Technology has made much of the work easier for gas station owners today, so you can leverage it to your benefit as well.

For example, through digital tank monitoring systems you can check the amount of fuel delivered into your tank and ensure that you’re getting the exact volume that you paid for.

Additionally, some of these tank monitoring systems also facilitate wireless communication with a trailer’s fuel delivery components, which enables you to ensure that the right fuel is being put into the right tank.

Need help with making your gas station operations safer and more efficient?

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