ENCORE FLEX FUEL: The Next Generation in Fuel Blending

A fuel dispenser with multiple fuel nozzles

The statistics available at International Environmental Agency show a comparison drawn for fuel consumption and the impact of biofuel policies on domestic supplies between 2017 and 2024, which shows the variance between different blends of fuel. The availability of various fuel options presents significant challenges to gas stations.

The characteristics of the fuel blends are determined using the respective volume shares of ethanol and gasoline. However, it doesn’t concern gas station owners, and what presents a considerable challenge is developing an infrastructure to provide different fuel blends. ENCORE-FLEX FUEL is the next generation in fuel blending.

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ENCORE-FLEXFUEL by John W. Kennedy


ENCORE-FLEXFUEL: The next generation in fuel blending

Dubbed as the next generation in fuel blending, ENCORE-FLEXFUEL represents the latest additions in Gilbarco’s NF series that offer up to five alternative fuel options to meet consumer demand without an extensive outlay of capital. It’s a powerful fuel dispensing machine that can provide an efficient and safe fueling experience to your customers.

Smart investment

The increasing focus on flexible fueling options makes it an attractive investment for gas stations that want to maximize their customer base and capture higher market share. Installing ENCORE-FLEXFUEL can boost the profitability of your business without needing additional fuel tanks, which will save resources and valuable space of your gas station.

More flexibility

Equipped with modern technology, the ENCORE-FLEXFUEL comes with smart features, combining five fueling options in a single machine. The Gilbarco machine can help you establish your gas station as a leader in alternative fuels. The dispenser comes with optimized components that can efficiently handle the E85, CNG, LPG, hydrogen, and biodiesel.

Key features

  • Available in four different model configurations to fulfill additional fueling requirements
  • EMV-ready to ensure protected and safe credit card transactions
  • Equipped with user-friendly payment options like a contactless card reader
  • Comes with a 10.4” color screen to allow optimization with forecourt merchandising
  • Support Applause Media System

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