Cleaning Checklist for Your Gas Station and C-Store to Drive Customers Your Way

Cleaning Checklist for Your Gas Station

In the United States, there are 62,952 gas stations with convenience stores businesses. Many of them are more successful than others. What sets them apart isn’t the fuel prices, but the quality of service.

Modern-day consumers choose gas stations and c-stores that offers the best customer experience. Cleanliness is one of the biggest factors that leave a lasting impression on customers and result in a positive experience.

Here’s a cleaning checklist for gas stations and c-stores to drive customers your way:

Cleaning Checklist for Your Gas Station and C-Store

1# Sweep the floors

First impressions last. Dust and trash around your fuel pump and c-store create a negative impression on customers. You must maintain a clean floor by assigning sweeping duties to multiple employees to ensure the floor remains clean and dirt-free at all times.

Sweep the floors

2# Power wash the floors

In addition to sweeping the floor, you should power wash the floors to clean leaked automotive fluids and oil stains. It will help get rid of the nasty spots and keep your fuel station and c-store nice and clean, drawing more customers to your facility.

3# Keep the trashcan empty

An overflowing trashcan isn’t a pleasant sight for customers. The trash cans at c-store can fill up more quickly as many customers use them to throw the trash from their car. Therefore, it’s important to empty trashcan receptacles regularly.

4# Check Restrooms Frequently

A clean restroom can significantly boost your fuel pump and c-store’s sales. Many customers use the restroom before they make a purchase. A clean bathroom creates a positive experience and encourages them to buy more items. So, ensure routine restroom checks to keep it clean.

Keep the trash can empty

5# Keep Windows and Glass Surfaces Presentable

Like we previously said, the first impression lasts. Dirty glass storefronts can discourage potential customers from entering your c-store. Therefore, always keep the glasses clean to make your facility more presentable and draw more customers to your store.

COVID-19 Impact

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, gas stations and c-stores need to ensure that their facilities remain clean and sanitized. Install hand sanitizer dispensers, spray disinfectants, and provide PPE to employees. Follow social distancing and all safety guidelines to attract customers.

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Stock fuel station equipment

Now that you know how to keep your gas station and c-store clean, it’s time to think about providing a positive customer experience. You must have the right service station equipment and supplies to provide excellent customer service.

Therefore, you should invest in high-quality gas station equipment, including nozzles, swivels, canopies, etc. A fuel pump with the latest tank gauge systems and safety equipment will perform more efficiently and incentivize customers to return.

Furthermore, most customers prefer paying at the gas station via a credit card—even more so due to COVID-19 as cash transactions can lead to the transmission of germs. Therefore, you must invest in the latest EMV-enabled POS system to facilitate secure online transactions.

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If you want to buy high-quality gas station equipment and supplies for your gas station, get in touch! John W. Kennedy Company is a renowned service station equipment provider that offers a wide array of gas station equipment and supplies, including automatic tank gauge systems and EMV POS terminals. Visit our online store to browse our products.

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