At the Gas Station: The Cheapest Way to Detect Water in Your UST

The most dreaded event for any gas station owner?

When customers come knocking at the door, complaining that the gas at the pump caused damage to their cars—the result of water (present in the gas station owner’s underground storage tanks) being pumped in along with the gas.

At the Gas Station- The Cheapest Way to Detect Water in Your UST

It can be a pretty embarrassing situation to face; not to mention, it can negatively impact the image of the gas pump.

The worst part?

The presence of water in the tank could mean that the entire fuel stock needs replacing and that the components of the fuel dispensing system have been damaged. You don’t want this to happen at your gas station, right?

So what steps can you take for prevention? How can you find out if water is getting into your UST tank?

Many gas station owners turn toward ATG monitoring systems with water detection features as the solution. And while the device does work, it isn’t a hundred-percent reliable for detecting water in a UST.

What if the water has already reacted with the gasoline and created a phase separation layer inside the tank?

An ATG system cannot detect the phase separation layer because the fluid has a different density than water, something which the system is not calibrated for. What other solution is there?

Enter water-finding paste.

Water-finding paste is a formula that changes its color in the presence of water. It’s quite readily available at gas station supply stores and is a very affordable product.

How can you use water-finding paste to detect water (or phase separation fluid) in your underground storage tank?

Simple! Apply the paste to the bottom 4–6 inches of a gauge stick. Dip the stick into your tank via the monitor well. Hold it there for 25–30 seconds. Pull it out and look for any color changes around the area of the stick that’s coated with the water-finding paste.

Easy, effective, and cheap!

You can set an inspection schedule, ideally at least once a week, to ensure that any water inside the tank is detected as early as possible.

The two leading brands for water-finding paste in the market today are Kolor Kut and Gasoila.

We hope you found this information useful.

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