All You Need to Know About Automated Tank Gauging Technology

An ATG (automatic tank gauge) is an electronic device that monitors the fuel level in a tank over a period to evaluate leakages. It can also inform the facility manager about the tank’s condition, i.e., temperature and volume, fuel level, etc.

ATG can combine with other features to carry out useful functions like examining the intermediate spaces in piping and tanks, communicating remotely, and overseeing the pressurized piping.

Heavy machine operators can prudently manage their fuel to minimize contamination with ATG  technology, simplifying the convoluted dipstick method.

Dipstick Method is Unreliable

Using the conventional dipstick method to measure fuel stocks can lead to inaccuracies because it relied on people’s skills to make comparisons. Moreover, opening the storage every day to gauge the stock can contaminate the fuel, causing asset damage.

ATG Systems

Given the benefits AGT ATG  technology offers compared to dipstick measurement, Automatic Tank Gauging systems must be a vital part of the fuel supply chain management.

The Automatic Tank Gauging system uses different technologies and methods to track and monitor fuel inventories, deliveries, consumption, and purchases. All this information is fed into a central system where dedicated software uses data to provide real-time information, generating reports helping the management to make better decisions.

Attributes of ATG

ATG can improve fuel management when it comes to machine maintenance and cost savings in the following three ways:

Wet stock Management

  • Better accuracy compared to manual reconciliation methods
  • Remove errors in dipstick reading
  • Remove errors in data transcription
  • Remove manual reconciliation errors to better understand variances due to delivery shortages, temperature, and leaks.
gas station

Proven Protection

Systems use sensors, probes, and advanced software to deliver accurate forecourt and wet stock information.

Remote connectivity provides access anytime and anywhere through devices to monitor site performance, offering real-time alerts and detailed inventory data

ATG eliminates the manual tank dipping, helping the staff to reduce exposure to harmful substances.

Proven Precision

ATG offers the highest inventory control delivering crucial and accurate information like:

  • Temperature-compensated volume
  • Standard delivery report
  • Advanced sensor technology
  • Inventory level

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