All You Need to Know About Automated Fuel Dispensers

Years ago, attendants at a gas station used to fill up your tank, but in most states, these services have ended as self-service pumps have become more popular. Not only is this pump style convenient and easy to use, but it also allows you to enter and exit the gas station quickly.

Self-service pumps commonly have automated fuel dispensers that allow customers to pump gas and pay via card. This blog will discuss automated fuel dispensers in detail.   

Automated Fuel Dispenser: An Overview

Automated fuel dispensers let customers pump their gas and pay for it. As you swipe a credit card at a gas station featuring an AFD, an authorization request is sent to your bank. That’s when the system requires your cardholder verification information. This may either be a ZIP or PIN code.

Once the authorization is complete, you can choose your fuel grade and pump your gas without the assistance of an attendant. After the completion of the transaction, billing information will be transmitted, and your account will be billed. Customers can either pay through debit/credit card or cash.  

Features of Auto Fuel Dispensers

With automated fuel dispensers, pumps don’t require attendants anymore. AFDs ensure more customers pump gas quickly without the help of several employees. This means reduced wait time for customers and increased capacity for fuel stations.

Most AFDs include cloud-based fuel management systems that use the latest technology to give up-to-date information regarding fuel usage. The system can tell the amount of fuel sold and provide information about fuel loss.

Watch Out for Fraud

Fraud is one of the biggest concerns with automated fuel dispensers. Since AFDs don’t require an active attendant, there’s a higher risk of fraud. For instance, a customer may fraudulently request a refund on their gas purchase—chargeback fraud. Based on some estimates, almost 95% of all chargebacks are fraudulent.

Cloud-based fuel management system

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