4 Effective Ways Gas Stations can attract More Customers

Are you looking for ways to attract more customers and boost revenues at your gas station?  If so, you should know that marketing and promotional activities can take your average sales per-customer to a whole new level.

4 Effective Ways Gas Stations can attract More Customers

Here are some of the most effective marketing techniques you can employ:

1. Discount offers

A great way to attract a wider consumer base while maintaining customer satisfaction is by offering discounts and special offers at your convenience store. It’s the oldest and the most effective trick in the book.

You can use inventory data to analyze items that are hot commodities and offer a paired item discount on them. For example, you can offer discounts on a bag of chips and soda or a car charger and headphones, etc. This will not only drive sales, but will also help you manage inventory, especially if there’s excess stock.

Another way to secure customer loyalty is by offering “free” coupons with a full tank of gas. Gas station customers are highly likely to fill their car’s tires with air as well, which is why you can offer the service free every time someone gets a full tank of gas.

Other options include a free cup of coffee if a customer fills their gas tank before 12 AM or a free hotdog if a certain amount is spent at the convenience store. Observe your competitors’ marketing strategies and take it up a notch!

2. Improved customer service and experience

A well maintained gas station will make passersby turn into loyal customers.  Clean restrooms and windows are a must! You can also invest in the overall look and landscape of your store to improve customers’ first impression. It’s important to make sure that your store is clean and that there aren’t loiterers hanging around.

Furthermore, hire friendly gas station attendants and clean customers’ windshield and windows to improve the customer experience.

Also, make sure your shelves are stocked at all times and use fun signs to catch customers’ eyes.

3. An ATM facility and E-Wallets

With the increase in demand for new technology to replace cash, it’s a great idea to install gas station POS systems where ATM cards can be swiped. Alternatives like E-wallets should be accepted as a mode of payment. An ATM facility at your gas station will increase foot traffic and consequently boost sales, since customers are more likely to spend money at a store where an ATM is located.

4. Food court nearby

If your gas station is located near busy streets or a highway, launching a food court, a franchise outlet, or a food truck nearby will make customers spend more time there and will drive more sales. Studies show that foodservice sales make up 23% of convenience store sales in the US.

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