When Owner Intervention Can Help Avert Crisis at a Gas Station

Life as a gas station owner is busy; you have so many things on your plate. And while your employees can give you a breather by taking over some of your responsibilities, there are a few tasks and situations that are actually better managed if you handle them yourself. That’s not to say your employees can’t be trusted with these specific jobs; it’s just that it’s safer to adopt this policy. After all, at the end of the day, even if it’s not your responsibility, it’s all your responsibility…


Fuel Deliveries

Fuel deliveries are fraught with liability concerns. Use of improper vapor recovery methods, failure to account for cross-drops and inattentive delivery drivers who are least bothered about the job at hand and more busy on their phones, are some of the most common offenses observed during fuel delivery operations. Any of these mistakes can prove to be costly for your gas station business. Therefore, whenever there is a fuel delivery, you should always go outside and monitor the process yourself.

Fueling System Maintenance

Every fueling system requires maintenance to function smoothly and efficiently. When the maintenance work is being performed at your fueling site, make sure you are there to check everything is in order and all protocols are being followed.  Verify that the technician is qualified as well as certified to work on the equipment. If a technician performing the maintenance is not certified, the equipment’s warranty could become void. Once the job has been completed, make sure that an entry is made in the log books. This will help you determine when the next maintenance is due.

Equipment Installation

Equipment installation is also something that you must take seriously and oversee it yourself. For example, there can be issues that your employees may not know about which might need addressing prior to installation. Missing the chance to correct those issues before the equipment is installed can potentially put your gas station’s safety and operations at risk. Besides that, you need to ensure that the contractor is meeting the regulatory requirements and carrying out the installation as recommended by the equipment manufacturer. So your presence on the field during equipment installation matters.


Your role, as a gas station owner, is instrumental in maintaining the safety of your customers, employees and your surroundings. Make sure you are fulfilling this role with conviction.

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