The Cost of Driving Away with the Gas Pump

Looking from the side mirror…

The Cost of Driving Away with the Gas Pump

Who is that…

Chasing the car
…Chasing the car?

That’s the owner of the gas station, chasing the car that just had its tank refueled.

And no, it’s not because the car owner forgot to pay for the refuel. It’s because the car owner just drove away with the pump nozzle stuck in the car’s fuel tank.

As a gas station owner, you know this happens more frequently than we’d like. Sometimes, car owners—oblivious of the fact that the gas pump nozzle is still filling the gas tank—receive a call on their cell phones. They take the call, get in their vehicles, and drive away.

That is why you see all those signs at your local gas stations, instructing to keep your cell phones turned off when fueling. The cell phones serve as a source of distraction.

What Does This Imply in Terms of Incurred Damages?

The entire gas pump filling unit is not trailing the leagues behind you. Modern gas pumps come fitted with a device—we call them gas station breakaways—that quickly disconnects the gas pump filling unit with the gas pump nozzle-hose assembly.

As a result, the damage to your equipment is minimized.

However, there can still be a cost that automobile owners may have to pay for, for minor damages incurred.

This could be:

  • The cost of paying for the repair or replacement of the quick disconnect device, that has been damaged as the car pulled away in full force.
  • The cost to cover the damages incurred by the gas pump nozzle.
  • The cost to cover the replacement of gas pump hose that split into pieces after being subjected to the tensile force exerted by the car.

You can either ask the owners to bear the damage cost, on their own; or, if they wish, they can also ask them to file an insurance claim so the provider can pay on their behalf.

Did Your Gas Station Face Any Property Damages from Such Incident?

If so, and you want your pump nozzle, breakaway or the entire assembly replaced with a new one, we can help you.

At John W. Kennedy Company, we stock an expansive supply of high quality petroleum equipment and fuel management systems. From petroleum tanker parts, gas pump assemblies and other service station essentials to fuel POS systems, meter registers and gas station lighting solutions – we have everything to keep your gas station fully functional.

Contact us for more details.

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