Terminal Operations: API Coupler Problems and Their Possible Fixes

No equipment at your terminal is subjected to as much use and abuse as an API coupler. In a typical terminal setting couplers are engaged almost 30 to 40 times each day. That’s simply too many head-on collisions with a truck adaptor given we’re just talking about a 24-hour shift. And while modern API couplers are designed keeping heavy usage in mind, it’s only natural that they develop problems over their course of use. These problems must be addressed ASAP to ensure your terminal operations keep running smoothly.

API Coupler Problems and Their Possible Fixes

Leaks in Coupler

Leaks in API couplers are inevitable. However, what may cause a leak can vary from situation to situation.

The first thing you need to look out for is when your API coupler leaks. Does it leak while connected to a truck or while parked?

API coupler leaks while connected to a truck

In case if the API coupler leaks while connected to a truck, the problem could either be a worn out seal, misaligned loading arm or a weak or broken wave spring. If the leak is minor, it most certainly is the case of seal wear or the loading arm not properly balanced. If the leak is a major one, it’s the wave spring where the problem lies.

API coupler leaks while parked

In case the API coupler leaks while parked, the problem could again be due to seal wear. That notwithstanding, there could be a more serious underlying issue. For example, thermal expansion can be a possible culprit in cases where the mercury may hit peak levels and the thermal reliefs are not installed. This can lead to a catastrophic failure if not dealt with in a prompt way.

Coupler Not Connecting to the Adaptor

Are you having trouble connecting your API coupler to the truck adaptor? Check the coupler’s cams and latches. These areas are prone to accumulating dirt and debris which can cause problems in terms of coupler assembly. If there is any dirt or debris buildup, clean it and then try connecting the coupler again. It should resolve the problem.

Shop for High Quality API Couplers Online

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