S. Bravo Systems, Inc. Launches Bravo Solution Center

Bravo LogoS. Bravo Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their new Bravo Solution Center.Bravo Products - Problem Solved!

Over the past year plus, Bravo has been on a tear improving and expanding every aspect of their business. 

So keeping inline with their goals, contractors and installers now have the ability to call, email and most importantly, text images to the Bravo home office. Based on Bravo’s beta testing of their new Solution Center, the feedback has been extremely positive and being well received by those in the field already.  We are encouraging everyone to take advantage of this resource and support as well as the technology that now allows for live footage and photos to be taken at the job site and immediately sent in to the Bravo Solution Center.

The Solution Center is led by Keith Pearson with Don Mukai serving as back-up when needed. Bravo is committed to responding to all incoming inquiries and requests within 3 hours.

EMAIL:                             bsc@sbravo.com or kpearson@sbravo.com

TEXT OR CALL:         1.323.541.3852

HOURS:                           Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 7:00pm EST  (7:00am – 4:00pm PST)

Cumberland Farms & Bravo

The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!


JWK Little Falls, NJ Phone and Data Communications Restored

Voice and data communications have been restored at our Little Falls, NJ locationJWK Little Falls, NJ

Phone and data services have been restored  and currently being monitored for ongoing problems.  If you continue to encounter issues contacting our New Jersey branch, please contact one of our other locations and we will gladly assist you.

East Providence, RI:    1.800.451.4021

Hampden, ME:   1.888.667.0667

Montpelier, VT:   1.800.754.2413

Orlando, FL:   1.877.835.8885


We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your continued business and support!

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