Climate Change Warning Labels at Gas Stations – Yay or Nay?

Climate Change Warning Labels at Gas StationsAs affixation of climate change warning labels on gas pumps, moves towards mandatory resolution in our neighboring territorial jurisdiction, Canada, concerns have been growing among the nationwide gas station owners.

What if a similar legislation is passed here, in the United States?

What implications it could have on the sector and the businesses operating in the sector? Could it possibly deter consumers from using gasoline and prove to be another coffin in the nail for the industry, where service stations are already closing down amidst the surrounding economic volatility?

And let’s be honest here, the idea might not be very far off from being potentially implemented.

When the Seattle City Council Came Close to Passing the Legislation

Back in 2015, the Seattle City Council explored the idea of introducing a legislation, according to which it would have been mandatory for gas station owners to affix their gas pumps with climate change warning labels. But, the idea was not followed into implementation.

Nevertheless, this could be seen as a potential indicator to where things might move towards in the future—as of now, it’s not the case.

And what if such a legislation is eventually passed – then what?

The Implication

The prospect appears to be frightening for gas station owners. But if you look at the current gasoline consumption, things do not appear at all ugly.

According to the 2016 NACS Retail Fuels Report:

“Approximately 39 million Americans fill up their gas tanks on a daily basis.”

Combine this with the total number of alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles in the United States, and it becomes clear that the phase-out of gasoline is beyond any realms of possibility for at least foreseeable future. As such, even if you stick those gas station warning labels on your gas pump nozzles, it would hardly serve to deter consumers from refueling their cars with gasoline.

However, what it might do is create better awareness among consumers to exercise precautions to prevent over spills so as to control environmental damage. This in itself is everyone’s responsibility — yours, ours and every other human being.

Affixing a climate change warning label, as such, could only imply that you know your responsibilities and in turn create a positive image of your business among your customers.

And whenever such a legislation is passed in your state, be assured that we will have the stock of labels for your gas station, like we stock every service station equipment and essentials to keep your gas station running smoothly and efficiently.

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