Morrison Introduces New Oil/Water Sensor

Morrison Oil-Water Sensor

Morrison Bros. Co. has introduced a new oil/water sensor to their 925 line, a float-activated simple switch device able to gauge the accumulation of oil in oil/water separators.  Set point configurations for the sensor include your choice of 1-2 interface floats (sink in oil and fuel but float on water) and 0-2 standard floats (float on oil, fuel, and water).  The sensor is compatible with the 918AC System Interface to allow for audio and visual alarm functionality.

For more details, check out the official spec sheet.

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Morrison Brothers Kick Starts the Summer with These New Products….


Morrison Sensors 3

Reproduced from Morrison Brothers’ June Newsletter provided by Jerry Schollmeyer

Morrison Sensors 1NEW Adjustable level Sensors

Morrison Brothers is kicking off summer with the release of their new 924/924S adjustable level sensors! These float-activated simple switch devices are compatible with our 918S/D/Q Alarm Boxes and Morrison’s 918AC System Interface. Read the full Model 924 new product announcement here.



Adjustable Level Sensor with AlarmMorrison Sensors 2

For your ordering convenience, the 918S alarm box and a 924 (or 924S) sensor can be ordered as an assembled kit. See table below for available kits or view the 918S Alarm with 924 Adjustable Level Sensor new product announcement here for more details.

Morrison Sensors 3

If you would like to learn more about or wish to order the above products, please call us at 1.800.451.4021.

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