THANK YOU To All Our Friends…

THANK YOU To All Our Friends For Making Our…

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2017 Make Your Station Safe Again Trade Show

Trade Show 2And when we say “OUR SHOW”, we do mean YOURS and ours because we wouldn’t have it without you, PERIOD!

YOU are THE reason it is not only successful but why we have more vendors than space that want to be part of our show. Vendor after vendor stated there is no other show they go to where they have the opportunity to speak with not just owners, administrators and end users but the volume of installers and technicians who actually work hands-on with their products!

We also realize that many of you attend the show for the certification seminars. An email has gone out to all those who registered through the website with a list of all those from your organization we scanned as they entered the seminars. It is very important you double check this and report any discrepancies immediately to as the vendors use the list we provide them to issue the certifications. (If your organization had people attend as “walk-ins”, they may not have been properly associated back to your customer account in our system).

While our scanning efforts at the show have greatly improved from previous shows (and this has been our best scanning effort to date), we do miss people for a variety of reasons. We apologize for this and Trade Show 3will continue to make the process better and easier.

We welcome any feedback you would like to provide about all aspects of the show. Again, you can send any feedback to

This show has already provided us with some insight to improvements we can make for the next show. We saw a complete turnover in the personnel manning our registration booth at this show as well as those scanning at the seminars. While we had fears that our people would be overwhelmed having never worked these areas of the show previously, they did a great job keeping lines and wait times down. This is a testament to customers, vendors and Kennedy personnel all offering input to make improvements over the years that allowed a whole new JWK team to staff 2017 registrations at the show without creating more problems or work for anyone!

Trade Show 4We mailed out more than twice as many pre-registered badges for the 2017 show than we did in 2015, had nearly as many people register online as attended the 2015 show and only a handful who had badges mailed to them came to the booth for their duplicate. We can’t stress enough how thankful we are that you have worked with us over the years to make the show better as we have tweaked the process where not only have we both come to expect it but you have expressed gratitude that we have taken these steps to make attending the Kennedy show a welcomed break to your daily grind, giving you the opportunity to speak with hundreds of others in our industry, gain more knowledge, become (re)certified in systems and enjoy the day!

Don’t forget, if you had people attending seminars for certifications, and you registered through the website, you will be receiving an email with a list of all those who registered through the site along with their seminar attendance records.  Again, be sure to double-check this list and report any discrepancies immediately to as the vendors use the list we provide them to issue the certifications.  (If your organization had people attend as “walk-ins”, they may not have been properly associated back to your customer account in our system).


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2017 JWK Make Your Station Safe Again Trade Show

March 29 & 30, 2017 – Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick , RI

2006 Trade ShowFor two decades, the John W Kennedy Company Trade Show has grown with show attendance exceeding 500 professionals from around the industry and more vendors than we have room to display. Counting registered attendees, vendor representatives and Kennedy staff, that’s seven to eight hundred industry-related people in all.

It has become a must-see in the industry and it is one of our defining events, highlighting the dynamic capabilities of the employees from inception to execution. From the show theme to most of the design, printing and building of everything you see for and at the show, it puts on display the same dynamics we put to work for both our customers and vendors on a daily basis. And we truly appreciate that both look forward to attending each show.

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Aside from seeing the latest and greatest products, installation and maintenance techniques, it’s the biggest opportunity for the vendors who make the products and you, the professionals who install and maintain those products to have direct access to one another away from the trenches in a more relaxed atmosphere. This is the single biggest reason we have the show and why more prefer attending our show over the other “national” shows.

2009 Trade ShowAnother big show feature are the seminars vendors offer. This year, 6 different vendor certification and informational seminars will be offered throughout the day on March 29th. This is a free event but you must register to attend the show and seminars. That’s because we make these nifty badges with unique barcodes used to track show and seminar attendance. Vendors offering certification seminars require proof of attendance and scanning a barcode is quick and easy proof.

We do take show walk-ins the day of the show but suggest registering early if you want to attend the seminars as they all fill to capacity well before the show.

Click here to see the seminar list, show layout and to register

Of course that’s not all. It can’t be all business all the time. We have giveaways with plenty of food, drinkBiancoMartinis and other edible treats available throughout the show. We even show you where all this good stuff is directly on the show layout!

If you are still with us at 4:30PM on March 29th, we invite you to stay just a little bit longer. Topping off the day, we have a cocktail reception with h’orderves, more food and live music performed by the Bianco Martinis.

And once again, the show returns to the Crowne Plaza Hotel directly off of 95 in Warwick, RI. We hope you can join us.

See you at the show!!


The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!

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