Forecourt Investments: Should I Invest in a New Fuel Dispenser?

Forecourt investments make up the majority of your capital investments, often proving to be confusing and time consuming. Should I make that investment or should I not? What should I consider when making the investment? Which brand of equipment should I buy?

It’s common for gas station owners to ask such questions when deciding on a forecourt investment.

Fuel dispenser purchases are among the prime examples of forecourt investments that encompass the very essence of these investments. They’re expensive, they’re important and they can certainly be confusing, leaving gas station owners wondering whether they should invest in a new fuel dispenser or not.

To invest in a fuel dispenser or not, the answer to this question entails the consideration of three important elements.

First is the operational element.

Dispensers are durable

Dispensers are durable but they’re not meant to last forever. They will wear over time and most of the damage is to the seals that loosen, the tolerances that loosen and the impact of the fuel itself on the components of a dispenser.

Naturally, old and damaged dispensers need to be replaced. So if you’ve a dispenser that’s getting old and is beyond repairs or require service calls every now and then, investing in a new fuel dispenser makes sense. You should do it!

The second element to consider is the financial element.

The purchase of a fuel dispenser still involves the standard ROI payback model from a financial point of view. However, with technology advancements, this financial scope of a purchase has expanded dramatically.

Today, it’s about how you can use dispensers in different ways to maximize your income and not just generate income by merely dispensing fuel. The latest fuel dispenser technology is enabling retailers to implement new programs like lottery at the pump, smart targeting, consumer merchandizing and at-the-pump selling. Consumers can now make purchases available at convenience stores by interacting with the dispensers while filling gas.

If you think you need to leverage these potential income-generating avenues, featured in the new dispenser technology, then an upgrade is a no-brainer. If you run a simple gas station with no convenience store then you’re better off without it.

The third element is sort of personal and entails how you see your business as a whole. What does your business mean to you and your community? What does your business mean for you as a retailer in the industry? How do you want your business to be perceived in present or in future?

For example, let’s say your desire is to be a flagship retailer, someone who likes embracing new technology. Upgrading your dispensing equipment makes a lot of sense in that context. Similarly, you may want to be associated as a retailer who deals in eco-friendly fuel choices. If so, then investing in a fuel dispenser designed to dispense alternative fuels definitely makes sense.

The purchase of a fuel dispenser

And so on.

When you consider the operational, financial and the overall personal dynamics associated with the new dispenser purchase, it enables you to make a more comprehensive and well-rounded decision.

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