Prepare Your Gas Station For The Busy Holiday Travel Season

Looking to prepare your gas station for the busy holiday travel season?

That’s a great idea, especially due to the fact that this year, falling gas prices are motivating more holiday travelers to hit the road.

From celebrating Christmas to attending New Year’s parties, people have a lot on their  to-do list during the holiday season.

Here are some useful tips for getting your gas station all set-up for the holiday season:

1. Stock your convenience store with quality products

Travelers who stop for gas to fill up their tank are very likely to buy products from inside a convenience store. So you certainly don’t want to run out of inventory and limit your sales.

Therefore, you should have a wide range of products on offer during this high demand season to maximize sales.

From gag gifts to phone chargers, make sure there’s a healthy mix of Christmas specific items and essentials so customers hang around and shop more.


2. Offer breakfast and snacks—it works like a charm!  

Travelers often don’t have enough time to make a stop at a restaurant. You can use this opportunity to offer high-quality breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

People love getting fresh, good-quality food and coffee. This will help you generate a healthy supplemental income during the holidays.

Also, customers who stop for food are likely to buy other items from the convenience store and fill up their tank.

3. Spotless restrooms for your customers

It may come as a surprise, but maintaining clean, hygienic restrooms can translate into increased sales and improved brand reputation.

Most travelers make stops at gas stations because they want to use the restroom. Typically, they will also refuel their vehicles and buy  in-store products directly from the pump.

A good restroom experience can have an astonishingly positive impact on customers. They are more likely to purchase items and even spread the good word about your gas station.

Speaking of putting in a good word…

Customer service is key

In the modern business environment, nothing works like a positive brand image and word of mouth marketing. One bad interaction can harm the reputation of your gas station.

Recently, the Naperville Gas Station had to publicly apologize after a video of an employee passing hateful remarks went viral on the internet.

Train your staff to offer quick service and be courteous to all customers to ensure healthy relationships and a positive brand reputation.

Final words

The above-mentioned points will prepare your gas station for dealing with the influx of travelers effectively and maximize holiday sales.

Becoming a one-stop-shop will help you increase the sales of your petroleum equipment and supplies, as well as yield higher profits in the long run.

John W. Kennedy Company has a large range of high-quality petroleum equipment and supplies. We’ve been serving gas stations and convenience stores all across the US since 1930. Stock your gas station with our top-quality products to maximize your revenue this busy holiday season. Do you want to find out more? Visit our online store today!

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