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PMPblue      The Kennedy Company has always prided itself on partnering with vendors who only offer top quality products they stand firmly behind and when it comes to rebuilt products and assemblies,  we scrutinize them even more.  While nobody can rebuild their own products like the original equipment manufacturer, we also partner with the top rebuilders in the industry such as PMP Corporation of Avon, CT.

Tokheim Pumping Unit      We have decades of experience rebuilding equipment ourselves and have learned where the best products for the task at hand come from.  The last thing anyone wants is to use rebuilt components that constantly fail or look of an inferior quality right out of their package.

PMP has proven to be one of the best rebuilders of petroleum equipment components from all the major manufacturers such as Bennett, Blackmer, Franklin Fueling, Gilbarco, Southwest/Schlumberger, Dresser-Wayne and Veeder-Root along with electronics components and printers from Citizen, Epson, IBM, Okidata and Star to name a few.  They are constantly refining and improving their techniques and offerings, even manufacturing some of their own new replacement components in place of the (usually much more expensive) OEM versions. Check out a fraction of what the Kennedy Company has to offer from this top quality rebuilder through our eCommerce site with more coming online and ready to buy every day!Valve

Board      We try to maintain on-hand inventory for the most in-demand rebuilt replacement components being used in the field today from hydraulic components such as pumping units, meters and valves to electronic components such as displays, CPU/Logic boards, power supplies, printers and other electronics found in pumps, dispensers, intercoms,  ATG, POS and FMS systems. And the Kennedy Company will ship all in-stock orders received by 3PM Eastern time the same day!

And if we don’t have it on our shelf?  Don’t worry, top rebuilders like PMP can ship 85% of their offerings the SAME DAY for orders they receive by 3PM Eastern Time as well while the remaining 15%  will ship the next business day! And for products that require the core up front? Most times, quality rebuilders like PMP will repair/rebuild and ship the same day they receive your core!

If you have already checked out some of the links above to our eCommerce pages, you will see we show you the EXCHANGE price.  This will be the final price you pay after we receive the Gilbarco DisplayTLSKeyboardrebuildable core of your old component.  When you order any exchange item, you will also receive a Core Return Kit with instructions on how your core should be prepared and packaged to return to us.  The kit includes return instructions, a UPS return label and for those cores that have product run directly through them, a plastic bag with absorbent pad square to seal your core in prior to packaging.  The bag and pad are a backup for any residual fuel that may seep during shipment back to the Kennedy Company but it is your responsibility to drain any remaining fuel from the core prior to packaging for return! We give you a maximum of 30 (thirty) days to return the core to receive your core credit unless otherwise noted.

When you click on  a particular product to view the detail on the Kennedy eCommerce site, you will see on all the exchange products we offer, the outright price you pay at time of checkout, what you will receive for a core credit upon the Kennedy Company’s receipt of your rebuildable core and what the final price you end up paying after receiving your core credit.   And unlike many online retailers, we do not take weeks to process returns and credits.  If there are no problems or questions, WE PROCESS RETURNS AND CREDITS UPON RECEIPT!


Mechanical ComputerPrinter



Service TechsAnd for you service techs and organizations, look for our coming Exchange Products section on our eCommerce site in the coming weeks that will cover all the exchange products we have to offer.  And our products offerings expands by the day!  If you can’t find what you are looking for or would like to speak with someone more in depth about our exchange product offerings, we invite you to contact us at 1.800.238.1225 or email us with your inquiry.

We appreciate your continued business and support!


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