Inside the Consumer Mind: When Hunger or Thirst Strikes

The U.S. has approximately 154,958 convenience stores all over the country. With such a staggeringly high number of stores across the nation, it’s no wonder that they’re posing as competition to retailers.

Located in several gas stations, convenience stores offer a range of prepared food and beverages that’s conveniently available to fuel customers.


Here are some notable insights into consumer behaviors at convenience stores:


As the name suggests, convenience stores offer an easy alternative for customers to pick up food while they’re on the go. The variety of prepared food and beverage options to choose from is a great alternative for about 54 percent of people who claimed they opt for ready-to-eat foods.

This is a niche convenience store and gas station owners can tap into, providing ready-to-eat meal options and snacks for their customers to buy.


While customers didn’t always turn to convenience stores when it came to prepared foods, they opted for the variety of beverages available in them.

About 30 percent of the customers claimed that, when location and routine weren’t a factor, they would choose convenience stores for prepared beverages. From slushes and chilled drinks to energy drinks and coffee, convenience stores offer a range of ready-to-drink beverages to choose from.


Owing to the bustle of everyday life and the lack of energy to cook food at home, prepared foods and beverages are an alternative many customers turn to.

Customers often cite their tiredness or lack of energy and time as reasons for not preparing a meal. This leads them to one of the several convenience stores as a quick, simple meal.

Other consumers also opt for prepared meals to satisfy a craving or reward themselves after a week of clean eating. Prepared, ready-to-eat food offers an enjoyable experience to consumers who want to escape from the routines of their daily life.

This insight is necessary for convenience store owners who’re considering expanding into the easily-prepared meals and refreshments category. Gas station owners, too, for example, who want to boost their profitability, can turn to this alternative owing to the popularity of such avenues in quenching thirst and satiating hunger.

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