Fuel Site EMV Migration: Why Delay When It Will Only Cost You More

We are well into the third quarter of 2019, and with that an almost a year away from the EMV deadline. We hope you have the date marked on your calendar.

Fuel Site EMV Migration

Anyway, how is your fuel site EMV migration plan coming along? Still haven’t started working on them? Why? Why are you delaying it? Trust us; there’s no point in doing so. In fact, delaying is only going to increase the cost of migration for you.

Why Delaying the EMV Upgrade is a Bad Idea

Make no mistake, this is a big upgrade and it entails monumental planning and work. You need to get your hardware sorted, which for certain includes your card readers and may probably include your dispensers too. Furthermore, you need to enhance your site connectivity which involves high speed enablement via BCRM. Lastly, you need to have EMV-enabled POS software installed at your site.

While implementing these changes should take you around a day; finding, contacting and negotiating with the vendors is where the real grind lies; the process usually takes weeks and sometimes even months.

The longer you wait, the farther you are likely to fall behind on the list of EMV hardware and software manufacturers. As such, you can be taking a big risk and could miss out on the October 1, 2020 deadline.

Then, there are certified technicians to include in the equation too. After all, someone needs to perform these installations at your gas station, right? Of course, technicians will have their own operational constraints and dealing with them could possibly add to your budget woes.

Plus, not to mention here, the more you delay the upgrade, the more likely you’re to get targeted by card skimmers. Who pays for these liabilities and frauds? No one else but you!

To summarize, delaying the EMV migration:

  • could add to your project costs
  • could increase your risk of missing out on the EMV deadline
  • could add to your operational expenses assumed in the payment of card frauds that might happen at your gas station

So why wait? Act today!

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