For Fuel Retailers: Why You Should Join a Gas Station Association

Running a gas station is a hectic job. The schedule is demanding; the workload is extensive, and as such the suggestion of adding one more activity to your already busy calendar may have you thinking: “No way am I doing that!

For Fuel Retailers

We completely understand where you’re coming from. But trust us on this one – joining a gas station association could do wonders for your business.

How so, you ask?

The Benefits of Joining Gas Station Associations

First and foremost, gas station associations are excellent ways to remain informed on changes in the fuel retail industry. These associations know about the latest trends, new equipment releases and forthcoming changes in the regulations—if any. By joining them, you can stay on top of the industry news and plan and strategize effectively for future growth.

Second, gas station associations offer exclusive business incentives to their members. For instance, as a member of an association, you may well be able to buy petroleum products and equipment at discounted prices from covered vendors. Considering how expensive gas station essentials, hardware and supplies can be, this is one benefit you can really do with.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, joining a gas station association allows you to network with other members in the industry. You can learn from their experiences, ask for advice on business related matters and build long lasting profitable relationships.

This begs the question:

Which gas station associations should you join?

Gas Station Associations to Join

We have compiled a list of some of the top gas station associations operating in the US and have grouped them region wise below. You can use this list for reference.

East Coast:

  • New York Association of Convenience Stores (NYACS)
  • Maine Energy Marketers Association (MEMA)

Midwestern Region:

  • Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association (MPM)
  • Illinois Petroleum Marketers Associations (IPMA)

West Coast:

  • Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association (CWPMA)
  • American Petroleum and Convenience Store Association (APCA)

South Western Region:

  • Texas Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (TPCA)
  • Texas Food and Fuel Association (TFFA)

Southern Region:

  • Louisiana Oil Marketers & Convenience Store Association (LOMSCA)
  • Petroleum and Convenience Marketers of Alabama (P&CMA)

According to Petroleum Equipment Institute, 85% of all business failures in the fuel retailing industry occur in firms that are not members of gas station associations. You don’t want to be included in the count of these unfortunate operators, do you?

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