Vendor Spotlight: CimTek Filtration and Finding Your Best Defense Against Water!

CimTek FiltrationReady to Protect Your Fuel From its Largest Threat?

Follow this simple guide to help your customers find their best defense against water:

click on the filter part number to find them in our online store!

For Straight
For Ethanol Blends
up to 25%
For Diesel
When Using:
Better Defense
Best Defense
Better Defense
Best Defense
Better Defense
Best Defense
Best Defense
70094 (260-10) 70062 (260HS-10) 70232 (260HG-02)
70236 (260HG-10)
70117 (260MB-10)
70117 (260MB-10) 70062 (260HS-10) 70232 (260HG-02)
70236 (260HG-10)
70232 (260HG-02)
70236 (260HG-10)
70095 (260-30) 70062 (260HS-10)

70067 (260HS-30)
70232 (260HG-02)

70236 (260HG-10)
70117 (260MB-10)

70117 (260MB-10) 70062 (260HS-10)

70067 (260HS-30)
70232 (260HG-02)
70236 (260HG-10)
70232 (260HG-02)

70236 (260HG-10)
70010 (300-10) 70059 (300HS-10) 70235 (300HG-10)

70122 (300MB-10)

70122 (300MB-10) 70059 (300HS-10) 70235 (300HG-10) 70235 (300HG-10)
70012 (300-30) 70059 (300HS-10)

70064 (300HS-30)

70235 (300HG-10)

70122 (300MB-10)
70018 (300MB-30)

70018 (300MB-30) 70122 (300MB-10) 70059 (300HS-10)
70064 (300HS-30)
70235 (300HG-10) 70235 (300HG-10)
70015 (400-10) 70060 (400HS-10) 70008 (400HG-10)
70120 (400MB-10)
70120 (400MB-10) 70060 (400HS-10) 70008 (400HG-10) 70008 (400HG-10)
70016 (400-30) 70060 (400HS-10)
70065 (400HS-30)
70008 (400HG-10)
70120 (400MB-10)
70106 (400MB-30)
70106 (400MB-30) 70120 (400MB-10) 70060 (400HS-10)
70065 (400HS-30)
70008 (400HG-10) 70008 (400HG-10)
70034 (450-10) 70075 (450HS-10)
70023 (450MB-10)
70023 (450MB-10) 70075 (450HS-10)
70027 (450-30) 70076 (450HS-30) 70075 (450HS-10)
70023 (450MB-10)
70023 (450MB-10) 70076 (450HS-30) 70075 (450HS-10)
70097 (475-10) 70098 (475HS-10)
70111 (475MB-10)
70111 (475MB-10) 70098 (475HS-10)
70092 (475-30) 70043 (475HS-30) 70098 (475HS-10)
70111 (475MB-10)
70111 (475MB-10) 70043 (475HS-30) 70098 (475HS-10)
70019 (800-10) 70063 (800HS-30) 70037 (800HG-02)
70024 (800HG-10)
70063 (800HS-30) 70037 (800HG-02)
70024 (800HG-10)
70037 (800HG-02)
70024 (800HG-10)
70020 (800-30) 70063 (800HS-10)
70068 (800HS-30)
70037 (800HG-02)
70024 (800HG-10)
70063 (800HS-10)
70068 (800HS-30)
70037 (800HG-02)
70024 (800HG-10)
70037 (800HG-02)
70024 (800HG-10)
*Includes biodiesel blends up to 20% and 100% biodiesel. We only show best defense options because the distinct properties of biodiesel require the specific filters listed. Please contact us with questions or to learn more.

What’s in a label?

CimTek labels help you quickly identify everything you need to know about their filters. Use the guide below to understand every element of the filter label.

The label that gives you all the details
CimTek Filter Label

The color tells you what the filter does
CimTek Filter Color

How Much Could Your Cellulose Filter Actually Cost You?

Cellulose filters may be cheaper than our other filters, but it’s important to understand what that lower price tag means.
Cellulose filters provide no protection from water, which continues to reign as the largest threat to your fuel supply. When you choose Cellulose, you’re vulnerable to the many issues caused by water-contaminated fuel, including:
Cost1Equipment Damage
Excess water in your fuel can cause microbial growth, rust, etching, and corrosion—all of which can severely damage your equipment over time.
Damaged equipment, fuel violations, and service calls all lead to pump downtime, which directly impacts your profitability.
Cost3Lost Customers
Customers who receive water-contaminated fuel are not going to be happy customers. Unhappy customers don’t come back. And in a world where those unhappy customers can share their bad experience with thousands of people with the click of a button, it’s more important than ever to guard against bad fuel.
Vehicle DamageCost4
Water-contaminated fuel can cause serious issues in customers’ vehicles, resulting in repair bills they don’t want to pay and frustration they won’t soon forget.
Cost5Violations & Fines
In most states, customers who suspect they’ve received contaminated fuel can file a complaint with their local Weights & Measures department. If that department determines there is water in your fuel, you can quickly find yourself bagging pumps, paying associated fines, and facing expensive service bills to fix the issue.

Click here to check out our online store to find  many other CimTek products!

And if you can’t find what you are looking for or have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 1.800.238.1225 or use our online contact form.

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Vendor Spotlight: Introducing Freedom Electronics

Freedom ElectronicsThe Kennedy Company Proudly Adds Freedom Electronics To Our Webstore

These days, retail gas stations are almost forced to run on low margins and keep expenses down to stay profitable due to the highly competitive nature of the business. It’s always nice to have affordable options when needed repairs come down the pike to the equipment that provides your bread and butter.  This is also true for those small service companies and independent service technicians that don’t have big operating budgets as well.

 Freedom Electronics provides re-manufactured, repaired, and re-engineered parts & products for the fuel dispenser, tank monitoring and point of sale (POS) systems that are used in C-Stores across the US and Canada at very reasonable prices.

Freedom Electronic PrintersFreedom Electronics provides over 2,300 SKUs* to 600+ customers. If we don’t have it in stock or you can’t find it on the John W. Kennedy website, it is likely that Freedom Electronics has it in stock and we can get it for you!

Matter of fact, if we don’t have it in stock and you order directly through our site or call us at 1.800.238.1225 by 1:30PM Eastern Time, Freedom Electronics ships 80% of all orders the same day!

Freedom Electronics Re-Manufacturing Process



Total Quality Program – Systemized Re-manufacturing process has been engineered for the highest quality levels, with standardized repair processes, computerized testing equipment and cross-checking process by a Quality Control Technician before it is shipped or put into stock.




Freedom Electronics -Kennesaw, GA


Freedom Electronics was founded in 1998, has grown to offer a 21,000 square foot facility equipped with state-of-the art re-manufacturing, testing, and fulfillment systems and processes. To support their continued growth, they recently added an additional 6,000 square feet.





Thanks to their proven expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust Freedom Electronics to supply and support new and expertly re-manufactured parts that ensure uninterrupted revenue generation while minimizing costly downtime.


* Editor’s Note: We have only recently begun populating both our system and eCommerce site with Freedom Electronics products, beginning with their most popular choices.  Do not hesitate to contact us at 1.800.238.1225 if you can not find what you are looking!

The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!




The TLS-350 Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) has long set the standard for exceptional quality in fuel management systems. Today, the TLS-450PLUS ATG builds on that solid legacy to set a new bar for reliability and convenience.

VR Vonnectivity


VR Web VR REmote VR Plus View VR Managed Services
Web-Enabled Interface

Modify configuration & programming, including:


Provides continuous management data for in-store use, and includes:


Provides periodic status updates from off-site, and includes:

Managed Services

Cloud based fuel management:

  • Print wet stock management and compliance reports.
  • Set up email notifications for alarms and reports.
  • Establish automatic events scheduled to your business needs.
  • App updates with ATG data as activity happens on site in real-time.
  • View Active Alarms with one touch.
  • Audible and on-screen notifications.
  • Station overview for an immediate status check on tank inventory.
  • Reports tab for quick access to Alarm, Inventory, and Last Delivery reports.
  • Map view to allow for easy navigation between sites.
Insite360 provides total control of your network with a team of analysts protecting your most valuable assets. Maximize your business with cutting-edge features including detecting dispenser flow reduction and meter drift by nozzle.
Learn More Learn More Learn More Explore Insite360
Station Overview: Immediate status check on tank inventory.
Report Tab: Access to Alarm, Inventory and Last Delivery Reports.
Map View: Easy navigation between map pin points.
Real-Time Updates: Continuous connectivity and updates.
One Touch Alarms: Quickly view alarms.
Notifications: Real-time audible / visual alarms.
Disconnect: Audible / Visual notification for lost connectivity.
In-Store Format: For optimal experience for site personnel.
Apple Store Apple Store
Google Play Store Google Play Store
TLS Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Greater connectivity needs greater protection

Whether a security breach comes from inside or outside an organization, older technology lacks modern security features needed to combat cyber intruders, who can wreak havoc on your business. Rest assured with the comprehensive security features of the TLS-450PLUS.

Features such as strong encryption, configurable user access, and segmented network ports help ensure your network is safe at every level. No matter your network’s size, security comes standard with the TLS-450PLUS.

Dangers of an Insecure Network

TLS Password
Veeder-Root TLS-350PLUS Veeder-Root TLS-450PLUS




Isolated Networks:
Separation of insecure data from secure data.
Encrypted Web Access:
Using secure HTTPS connectivity with username/password.
Encrypted Serial Access:
Serial commands can run over a secure interface with SSH.
Role-Based Access:
User access to console functionality is controlled with roles.
Front Panel Access:
Control access to the console by user log in.
Network Routing:
Fully control data routing with the network including dropping data.
Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

350Plus Maintenance

Protect your investment & extend your warranty

Upgrading to the TLS-450PLUS automatically extends the warranty of your probes and sensors for the duration of the warranty on your new console. Significant labor savings can be gained with the TLS-450PLUS in comparison with the TLS-350, from the use of features like remote configuration, remote connectivity, automatic event notifications and more. The TLS-450PLUS helps reduce downtime by ensuring you have real-time access to everything you need to keep your station in top condition.

Save money by upgrading to the TLS-450PLUS

Equipment cost savings $
Remote troubleshooting and configuration $
Probe and sensor warranty extension $$
Remote software download $$
Free monthly software upgrades $$$
Reduced downtime due to real time access to data $$$$
Expanded Capabilities

Expanded Capabilites

Designed to be a platform for the future.

Features improved on the TLS-450PLUS include:

Leak CertificationDigital Pressurized Line Leak Detection (DPLLD)

The line volume expansion of DPLLD for the TLS-450PLUS provides advanced line leak detection to meet the capacity of growing fuel sites, now certified up to 1,178 gallons of capacity. The DPLLD equipment performs a 3.0 gph line leak test following each dispense. With the proper software enhancement feature installed, the DPLLD equipment will also perform 0.2 and/or 0.1 gph line tests to meet your regulatory needs, eliminating the need for separate annual line leak testing.


Our third generation AccuChart™ utilizes enhanced geometric tank chart modeling for the TLS-450PLUS with optional restricted calibration range to perform calibration. Chart volumes are calculated using adjustable geometry parameters: diameter, capacity, end shape, tilt and probe offset. Completed charts are established more quickly and with higher accuracy from a limited amount of data.

Business Inventory ReconciliationBusiness Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)

BIR on the TLS-450PLUS has been enhanced for your custom reconciliation needs and meets federal, state, or local requirements. It includes automated reporting on:

  • Throughput thresholds
  • Delivery thresholds
  • Capacity thresholds
  • Custom thresholds
Additional Features include:

DEF Recirculation   |   Intelligent Pump Control   |   Enhanced Encryption Methods   |   Free Software Upgrades   |   Email Notifications   |   Custom Alarms   |   Three Ethernet Ports Standard   |   Centralized Device Management   |   Built-in Datalogger   |   Data Backup and Storage   |   Timed Sudden Loss

Ready to Upgrade?

Give us a call today at 1.800.451.4021!


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Franklin Fueling Systems – KNOW YOUR FUEL SYSTEM

Know Your Fuel System…Or everything you ever wanted to know about a fuel system but were afraid to ask…

Franklin Fueling Systems provides a rudimentary understanding of a fuel system and takes the complex orchestration of the entire system to break it down to the basics in this nicely animated video.  This is a great learning tool to put in front of new people entering the industry to quickly get them up to speed on what happens underground or for those curious to learn and understand more about the entire system; whether they sell, install or service equipment or own / work at a gas station.

And after you check out the video, be sure to check out the various links below to Franklin Fueling products found in the JWK Webstore as well as the great resources at
FFSPRO Site Builder FFSPRO Advantage FFSPRO Verify FFSPRO University



Be sure to check out our ever-expanding product offerings and great deals from Franklin Fueling’s many brands found in our webstore.


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Vendor Spotlight: S. Bravo Systems – The Invention Of An Industry

Bravo LogoOver 30 years ago in an effort to protect the environment, S. Bravo Systems developed the first-ever underground containment monitoring system for leak detection, launching what has today become a billion dollar industry. We continue to protect our natural resources.

Check out the amazing story of this family-owned, woman-led American success story that helped revolutionize an industry.

S. Bravo Systems - Our Legacy, Our Future
We are one of Bravo’s largest U.S. East Coast distributors and  have access to their full line of products.  Bravo is very capable of customizing products and assemblies to meet just about any containment requirement you have.

Watch our web store for an upcoming comprehensive list of Bravo repair/retrofit sump entry fittings to deal with the upcoming federal regulations along with other, great products from the best name in the business when it comes to fiberglass containment!

If you would like to learn more about or would like to place an order for Bravo products, please contact us at 1.800.238.1225.

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NOV: FiberGlass Systems Red Thread IIA 50-yrs UL LISTED Video

Proven Over Time  – In A Class By Themselves!

You can find and buy many NOV FiberGlass Systems A.O.Smith and Ameron branded fiberglass piping products on our site by clicking here or if you need further assistance, call us at 1.800.238.1225.


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Vendor Spotlight – Gilbarco

Gilbarco Veeder-Root

John W Kennedy - Charles Street, Providence, RI

Edwin “Brud” Cheetham & John W. Kennedy
John W. Kennedy Company, Charles St., Providence, RI

Over 150 Years of Innovative Fueling Technology

Around the time the Kennedy Company opened our doors in 1930, we also became a Gilbarco distributor.  Gilbarco is and has been one of our anchor lines since we first partnered with them. Today, we are their oldest distributor in the nation! Gilbarco History


In the decades since, the John W. Kennedy Company has gone on to become one of the largest stocking Gilbarco and petroleum equipment distributors in the nation.  Not only do we have thousands of Gilbarco parts on hand with many decades of knowledge, we are home to what Gilbarco has called the premier Gilbarco training facility nationwide, training those who want to become authorized Gilbarco service technicians. We also provide road service to many of our Gilbarco customers located in the New England area.



And while the Kennedy Company has had its share of firsts with them, Gilbarco has also had their share of firsts since they opened shop with some of the highlights being:

  • the first to introduce a measuring gasoline pump in 1911
  • the first electric meter pump in 1930
  • the first to introduce the multi-product dispenser in the mid 1970’s.

Gilbarco continues to be innovators in fuel technology, offering the best solutions:

(click on the images and/or product categories below to view more product details on our web store)Gilbarco Passport

Fuel Dispensing – Pumps and dispensers for standard unleaded Gilbarco Fuel Dispensersgrades to multi-flex fuel blending options, diesel, DEF and high flow units.  There are also plenty of options available to make your dispensers more secure and to help your in-store marketing efforts.

C-store Point of Sale Systems
–  As the technology leader in the retail fueling business, Gilbarco’s range of POS Gilbarco Passport Point of Sale Systemsterminals offer intuitive and user-friendly technology. With over 30,000 systems across the United States, Gilbarco’s state-of-the-art convenience store Passport® POS systems support the most third party loyalty systems, backed by powerful fuel discounting and merchandising systems.


Forecourt Payment Options – Gilbarco’s FlexPay™ Flexible Payment Systems protect your customers and your business. They make your EMV upgrade easy, with a range of options that protect your investment like Forecourt Payment Dispenser Optionsno one else with a range of payment system options to help you offer a seamless, hassle-free transaction experience.
Your forecourt payment hardware must have certifications that confirm their capability to accept and process EMV transactions in order to meet regulations. Software must also be certified to accept and process EMV transactions. Your store’s entire payment ecosystem must be certified to work together before accepting transactions in the field.
Let us help you meet the requirements and take your business to the next level at the same time. See why it pays to work with Gilbarco, the payment security experts.  Be sure to check out Gilbarco’s Fundamentals of C-Store & Gas Station EMV page if you want to learn more about EMV and what you should be doing to prepare. Gilbarco Encore 700 S Flex Fuel


Forecourt Merchandising Options – While fuel drives profits, it’s getting the customers in your store to really drive those high-octanGilbarco Forecourt Merchandising Optionse sales.  Gilbarco Forecourt Merchandising creates the shortest distance from getting the customer from your forecourt into your c-store!  Gilbarco has partnered with GSTV, a leading digital content provider, to deliver a wide array of dynamic audio/video content via Gilbarco’s Applause™ TV.  Rounding out the forecourt merchandising options are Applause™ Media System and Play at the Pump to offer real-time on demand coupons and lottery ticket sales at the pump.


Insite360 Encore & Passport Solutions – Gilbarco offers Insite360 cloud-based solutions for Encore dispensers and the Passport POS Gilbarco Insite360system.  With an easy to use dashboard, you can effectively manage your business while increasing profits.
Insite360 Encore allows you to resolve up to 30% of the most common issues in minutes remotely! You can also monitor performance, manage assets and along with enhanced security measures, receive alerts when unauthorized entry is attempted with the ability to automate a dispenser shutdown.
Insite360 Passport allows you to monitor, configure and control your Passport from the cloud!  Access reports with the ability to upload and download.  If you have multiple sites you can configure groups with common characteristics all at once, saving you tons of time.  Adjust fuel pricing, update receipt text and more with a few clicks of the mouse. Insite360 Passport works with version 10 and higher and is compatible with all PC’s, tablets and phones.


*Please contact our sales staff at 1.800.238.1225 to receive a quote or learn more about Gilbarco’s complete line of fuel dispensers, POS systems, options and services!  We can also help you with financing through our partnership with Patriot Capital as well.

If you have any questions about Gilbarco replacement parts, can’t find what  you are looking for online or the part(s) are in a “Call To Order” status and you wish to place an order, please call us at 1.800.238.1225 and ask for Keith Hardy.

*NOTE: Per our Gilbarco distributor agreement, we are not authorized to sell equipment or kit sides beyond our PMA (Primary Marketing Area).  We can sell replacement boards and parts nationwide.


The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!