Morrison Brothers Introduces New Leak & Overfill Indicators

MORRISON BROS. CO. Releases It’s New

724 Leak & Overfill Indicators

Morrison Brothers 724's

The Leak Indicator is designed to detect leaks in the interstitial space of an aboveground storage tank while the Overfill Indicator provides a high level visual signal indicating the aboveground storage tank is almost full.

Both versions are offered with and without a guard and BSP thread options.

Features and Details
• 2” male NPT or BSP threads
• Float installs through a 2” female threaded opening, a schedule 40 riser, or a schedule 80 riser
• Highly visible indicator
• Durable construction
• Optional aluminum guard
• 724…one model accommodates tanks up to 168”

Materials of Construction
• Body… Aluminum
• Window… Glass
• Float… Stainless steel
• Guard (optional)… Aluminum

Third party approval (pending)
Morrison Brothers 724's On The Tank

Part Number Description Length Range
724-0200AI 2″ Interstitial Leak Indicator w/ 2″ Male NPT 6.50″ – 168″
724B-0200AI 2″ Interstitial Leak Indicator w/ 2″ Male BSP 6.50″ – 168″
724-1200AI 2″ Interstitial Leak Indicator w/ 2″ Male NPT & Guard 6.50″ – 168″
724B-1200AI 2″ Interstitial Leak Indicator w/ 2″ Male BSP & Guard 6.50″ – 168″
724O-0200AI 2″ Overfill Indicator w/ 2″ Male NPT 6.50″ – 40″
724OB-0200AI 2″ Overfill Indicator w/ 2″ Male BSP 6.50″ – 40″
724O-1200AI 2″ Overfill Indicator w/ 2″ Male NPT & Guard 6.50″ – 40″
724OB-1200AI 2″ Overfill Indicator w/ 2″ Male BSP & Guard 6.50″ – 40″

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Morrison Brothers Top Fill Mount Suction SystemMorrison Brothers Top Fill Mount
Suction System
Morrison Brothers Top Fill Mount Pressure System
Morrison Brothers Top Fill Mount
Pressure System
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Morrison Brothers Products

To learn more about the Morrison Brothers 724’s and their other great products, call us at 1.800.238.1225!


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Vendor Spotlight: Introducing Freedom Electronics

Freedom ElectronicsThe Kennedy Company Proudly Adds Freedom Electronics To Our Webstore

These days, retail gas stations are almost forced to run on low margins and keep expenses down to stay profitable due to the highly competitive nature of the business. It’s always nice to have affordable options when needed repairs come down the pike to the equipment that provides your bread and butter.  This is also true for those small service companies and independent service technicians that don’t have big operating budgets as well.

 Freedom Electronics provides re-manufactured, repaired, and re-engineered parts & products for the fuel dispenser, tank monitoring and point of sale (POS) systems that are used in C-Stores across the US and Canada at very reasonable prices.

Freedom Electronic PrintersFreedom Electronics provides over 2,300 SKUs* to 600+ customers. If we don’t have it in stock or you can’t find it on the John W. Kennedy website, it is likely that Freedom Electronics has it in stock and we can get it for you!

Matter of fact, if we don’t have it in stock and you order directly through our site or call us at 1.800.238.1225 by 1:30PM Eastern Time, Freedom Electronics ships 80% of all orders the same day!

Freedom Electronics Re-Manufacturing Process



Total Quality Program – Systemized Re-manufacturing process has been engineered for the highest quality levels, with standardized repair processes, computerized testing equipment and cross-checking process by a Quality Control Technician before it is shipped or put into stock.




Freedom Electronics -Kennesaw, GA


Freedom Electronics was founded in 1998, has grown to offer a 21,000 square foot facility equipped with state-of-the art re-manufacturing, testing, and fulfillment systems and processes. To support their continued growth, they recently added an additional 6,000 square feet.





Thanks to their proven expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust Freedom Electronics to supply and support new and expertly re-manufactured parts that ensure uninterrupted revenue generation while minimizing costly downtime.


* Editor’s Note: We have only recently begun populating both our system and eCommerce site with Freedom Electronics products, beginning with their most popular choices.  Do not hesitate to contact us at 1.800.238.1225 if you can not find what you are looking!

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Franklin Fueling Systems: Introducing The Defender Series® P/V Vent with In-Line Vault

Get your tank venting in-line with the new Defender Series® Pressure / Vacuum (P/V) Vent with In-Line Vault.

Click on the various links in the infographic below to watch the video, download documents and learn more about Franklin Fuelings Defender Series® Pressure / Vacuum (P/V) Vent with In-Line Vault!

Click on the images and text below to find the Defender Series® Pressure / Vacuum Vent with In-Line Vault and accessories in the JWK Web Store

DPVV EBW Defender 804 Pressure / Vacuum Vent w/ UV-resitant Polymer Rain Cap and E-Coated Ductile Iron In-line Vault w/ Stainless Steel CoverDPVV
EBW Defender 804 Pressure / Vacuum Vent w/
– 2.5″ to 6.0″ Water Column Pressure Setting
– -6.0″ to -10.0″ Water Column Vacuum Setting
– UV-resitant Polymer Rain Cap
– E-Coated Ductile Iron In-line Vault w/ Stainless Steel Cover
– 2″ NPT – UL2583 Listed
– Meets Requirements of EPA 40 CFR Part 63 for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

Franklin Fueling Systems 804100901 EBW Defender 804 Pressure / Vacuum Vent w/ 2


EBW Defender 804 Pressure / Vacuum Vent w/
– 2.5″ to 6.0″ Water Column Pressure Setting
– -6.0″ to -10.0″ Water Column Vacuum Setting
– 2″ Vent Stack Adapter
– 2″ NPT
– UL2583 Listed
– Meets Requirements of EPA 40 CFR Part 63 for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

Franklin Fueling Systems 804100930 EBW Defender 804 Pressure / Vacuum Vent w/ Defender Series and OPW Vent Pipe Adapter O-Rings
EBW Defender 804 Pressure / Vacuum Vent w/
– 2.5″ to 6.0″ Water Column Pressure Setting
– -6.0″ to -10.0″ Water Column Vacuum Setting
– Defender Series and OPW Vent Pipe Adapter O-Rings
– 2″ NPT
– UL2583 Listed
– Meets Requirements of EPA 40 CFR Part 63 for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

Franklin Fueling Systems 804023901 EBW Defender 2in Rain/Vent Cap


EBW Defender 2″ Rain/Vent Cap.
FFSPRO Site Builder FFSPRO Advantage FFSPRO Verify FFSPRO University

Be sure to check out our ever-expanding product offerings and great deals from Franklin Fueling’s many brands found in our webstore.




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The TLS-350 Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) has long set the standard for exceptional quality in fuel management systems. Today, the TLS-450PLUS ATG builds on that solid legacy to set a new bar for reliability and convenience.

VR Vonnectivity


VR Web VR REmote VR Plus View VR Managed Services
Web-Enabled Interface

Modify configuration & programming, including:


Provides continuous management data for in-store use, and includes:


Provides periodic status updates from off-site, and includes:

Managed Services

Cloud based fuel management:

  • Print wet stock management and compliance reports.
  • Set up email notifications for alarms and reports.
  • Establish automatic events scheduled to your business needs.
  • App updates with ATG data as activity happens on site in real-time.
  • View Active Alarms with one touch.
  • Audible and on-screen notifications.
  • Station overview for an immediate status check on tank inventory.
  • Reports tab for quick access to Alarm, Inventory, and Last Delivery reports.
  • Map view to allow for easy navigation between sites.
Insite360 provides total control of your network with a team of analysts protecting your most valuable assets. Maximize your business with cutting-edge features including detecting dispenser flow reduction and meter drift by nozzle.
Learn More Learn More Learn More Explore Insite360
Station Overview: Immediate status check on tank inventory.
Report Tab: Access to Alarm, Inventory and Last Delivery Reports.
Map View: Easy navigation between map pin points.
Real-Time Updates: Continuous connectivity and updates.
One Touch Alarms: Quickly view alarms.
Notifications: Real-time audible / visual alarms.
Disconnect: Audible / Visual notification for lost connectivity.
In-Store Format: For optimal experience for site personnel.
Apple Store Apple Store
Google Play Store Google Play Store
TLS Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Greater connectivity needs greater protection

Whether a security breach comes from inside or outside an organization, older technology lacks modern security features needed to combat cyber intruders, who can wreak havoc on your business. Rest assured with the comprehensive security features of the TLS-450PLUS.

Features such as strong encryption, configurable user access, and segmented network ports help ensure your network is safe at every level. No matter your network’s size, security comes standard with the TLS-450PLUS.

Dangers of an Insecure Network

TLS Password
Veeder-Root TLS-350PLUS Veeder-Root TLS-450PLUS




Isolated Networks:
Separation of insecure data from secure data.
Encrypted Web Access:
Using secure HTTPS connectivity with username/password.
Encrypted Serial Access:
Serial commands can run over a secure interface with SSH.
Role-Based Access:
User access to console functionality is controlled with roles.
Front Panel Access:
Control access to the console by user log in.
Network Routing:
Fully control data routing with the network including dropping data.
Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

350Plus Maintenance

Protect your investment & extend your warranty

Upgrading to the TLS-450PLUS automatically extends the warranty of your probes and sensors for the duration of the warranty on your new console. Significant labor savings can be gained with the TLS-450PLUS in comparison with the TLS-350, from the use of features like remote configuration, remote connectivity, automatic event notifications and more. The TLS-450PLUS helps reduce downtime by ensuring you have real-time access to everything you need to keep your station in top condition.

Save money by upgrading to the TLS-450PLUS

Equipment cost savings $
Remote troubleshooting and configuration $
Probe and sensor warranty extension $$
Remote software download $$
Free monthly software upgrades $$$
Reduced downtime due to real time access to data $$$$
Expanded Capabilities

Expanded Capabilites

Designed to be a platform for the future.

Features improved on the TLS-450PLUS include:

Leak CertificationDigital Pressurized Line Leak Detection (DPLLD)

The line volume expansion of DPLLD for the TLS-450PLUS provides advanced line leak detection to meet the capacity of growing fuel sites, now certified up to 1,178 gallons of capacity. The DPLLD equipment performs a 3.0 gph line leak test following each dispense. With the proper software enhancement feature installed, the DPLLD equipment will also perform 0.2 and/or 0.1 gph line tests to meet your regulatory needs, eliminating the need for separate annual line leak testing.


Our third generation AccuChart™ utilizes enhanced geometric tank chart modeling for the TLS-450PLUS with optional restricted calibration range to perform calibration. Chart volumes are calculated using adjustable geometry parameters: diameter, capacity, end shape, tilt and probe offset. Completed charts are established more quickly and with higher accuracy from a limited amount of data.

Business Inventory ReconciliationBusiness Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)

BIR on the TLS-450PLUS has been enhanced for your custom reconciliation needs and meets federal, state, or local requirements. It includes automated reporting on:

  • Throughput thresholds
  • Delivery thresholds
  • Capacity thresholds
  • Custom thresholds
Additional Features include:

DEF Recirculation   |   Intelligent Pump Control   |   Enhanced Encryption Methods   |   Free Software Upgrades   |   Email Notifications   |   Custom Alarms   |   Three Ethernet Ports Standard   |   Centralized Device Management   |   Built-in Datalogger   |   Data Backup and Storage   |   Timed Sudden Loss

Ready to Upgrade?

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New OPW 3D Free Product App


OPW Retail Fueling App Screenshots

Sample Screens from OPW Retail Fueling App

Okay, I put this in the “too cool for school category” as OPW announces their 3D Product App for Android and iOS.  This mobile app gives you the ability to review and manipulate OPW Retail Fueling equipment in a virtual 3D environment.

Not only do you get realistic product models, you can also obtain product description, specifications, installation videos and manuals, replacement part numbers and more! There is even a nifty calculator to help determine the upper drop tube length for a 71SO/71SO-T overfill prevention valve without having to solve complex equations!

OPW 71SO/71SO-T OPV Upper Drop Tube Calculator

Sample screenshots of OPW 71SO/71SO-T OPV Upper Drop Tube Calculator

Throw away those bulky books and catalogs (well, not really) and download the OPW 3D Product App today from Google Play for Android or the Apple store for iPhones!


You can find many great OPW products in the John W. Kennedy Company online store and if you don’t find what you are looking for, call us at 1.800.238.1225

OPW Retail Fueling Components OPW Fuel Management Systems OPW Engineered Systems


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Universal Valve: Protecting the environment one valve at a time!

The Model 49 Overfill Valve

Universal Valve: Model 49, protects against gravity filling into a typical “AST Tank”. If you have or installed an “AST Tank” in a basement or below the grade of the fill point and you gravity fill, you could be at risk of an overfill. Universal is UL approved for both Pressure Fill and gravity fill with no minimum flow rate!

Universal Valve Model 49

  • UL Approved for Pressure and Gravity Fills
  • No minimum flow rate
  • 1 part number for direct or remote fills
  • Available in an E-85 version
  • Built and tested in the U.S.A. !


If you are on a device with a mouse, you can scroll around the image below to shop for the Universal Valve Model 49 and complimentary products along with other great Universal products found in our web store.  If you have a smartphone or tablet without a mouse, you can click on the components and logo in the image to be taken to those products found in our web store.

Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Universal!


If you have any questions, looking for more product information, would like to order any of the “Call To Order” products found in our web store or any other product you can’t find online, please do not hesitate to call us at 1.800.238.1225.



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Verifone – VASC Field Service Bulletin: Secure Pump Pay & Smart Pump Access

VASC Field Service Bulletin

Verifone MX760 & MX700 Secure Pump PayOVERVIEW

Verifone announced in August 2014 that they entered an agreement with Gilbarco such that Gilbarco would become the integrator, distributor and service provider for all Verifone’s forecourt payment systems. Any pre-partnership commitments and agreements would continue to be honored in respect to Verifone’s Paymedia (Secure Pump Pay program).Verifone Smart Pump Access

During this time, Verifone’s new strategy with Gilbarco would be to continue to collaborate and engineer products sold under the Gilbarco sales channel. The current product is known as Flexpay IV and is exclusively available from Gilbarco for use with their model dispensers and retrofit kits.

Verifone stopped producing its Secure Pump Pay product line in July 2016 and existing inventory on- hand was used to fulfill existing contractual commitments. Beginning September 30th, 2019 only clients who are under existing contracts will receive support and repair from Verifone for their SPP devices. This includes the
Secure Pump Access (SPA) device.

Verifone’s mission is to deliver high-quality payment solutions based on powerful new technologies that lower your cost of ownership and enhance the efficiency of your operations. Verifone looks forward to helping you meet outdoor EMV and other increasingly complex regulatory, compliance and security requirements.


Visa’s U.S. deadline for EMV for dispensers is currently set at October 1, 2020. Additionally, the Verifone SPP is certified either to the PCI 1.x or 2.x standard and both have now been succeeded by versions 3, 4, and 5. SPP PCI 1.x devices should be replaced as soon as feasible because of possible vulnerability based on the age of the device. These are primary reasons Verifone has been forced to phase out repair services for the SPP.

Learn more about Gilbarco’s FlexPay IV by click here or on the image below.


You can contact us at 1.800.238.1225 to obtain a compatible solution to replace SPP equipment and choose a compatible EMV-enabled product. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or equipment needs to meet EMV requirements as well as any of your other refueling equipment needs. 

And please visit our online store where we have thousands of products ready to ship the same day (for orders received prior to 3PM Eastern Time) and what you can’t find, please call us at 1.800.238.1225 as we have access tens of thousands of products from hundreds of vendors.
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Universal Valve: Which Is Really Better – Cross-linked or Linear Polyethylene?

Are you providing your customer with the safest and best long term performance spill container?




Universal Valve 69RT and 71CD spill containers are equipped with a Cross-Link Polyethylene Bellow. Research shows that Cross-Link Polyethylene is far superior to Linear Polyethylene.
An Environmental stress test (ASTM method D-1693 for polyethylene plastics) shows that Cross-Link Polyethylene can hold up for thousands of hours with 0 failures as opposed to linear polyethylene’s only, hundreds of hours.Universal 69RT & 71CD Interchangeable Covers

  • Cross-Link Polyethylene Bellows
  • Bolted bellows to ring and base – no band clamps to slip off.
  • Available with or without a drain
  • SP version easily retrofitted from a rain-tight lid to a water-tight lid (69RT)
  • Equipped standard with grounding screw. Important when using a fiberglass riser pipe!
  • Easily Hydro or vacuum testable to meet all new EPA testing regulations
  • Built and tested in the U.S.A. !



And don’t forget to check out the hottest web specials offered by Universal Valve on our website!Universal Valve's Hot Savings

Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Universal!


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5 Reasons Fuel-Site Water Intrusion Is Increasing

It is a pretty well known fact that most of the Earth’s surface is covered by water so to say it permeates our existence is an understatement.

While this liquid is essential to our existence, it also wreaks havoc on many man-made systems it comes in contact with and in our world of petroleum, it would be classified as a super villain!

And while our industry has been reacting to the havoc water causes for more than a century to develop better ways to keep it out of refueling systems, water intrusion has INCREASED in refueling systems!

Ed KammererThe following is an excerpt, written by Ed Kammerer that appeared in the September, 2018 edition of the Fuel Market News.  Ed is the Director of Global Product Management for OPW, based in Cincinnati, OH, USA. He can be reached at OPW is leading the way in fueling solutions and innovations worldwide. OPW delivers product excellence and the most comprehensive line of fueling equipment and services to retail and commercial fueling operations around the globe. For more information on OPW, please go to

Below are some of the highlights pulled from Ed’s article.

OPW War on Water Intrusion

Why the increase??

Here are some explanations:

  • Changes In Fuel Chemistry
  • Changes In The Fuel Distribution Infrastructure
  • Installation Procedures

OPW is Waging War on Water Intrusion

By offering:

  • Composite Multiports with Watertight Lids and Covers
  • Composite Manhole Covers
  • Sealable Cover Spill Containers
  • No-Drill Dispenser Loop Sumps
  • No-Drill Tank Sumps

You can read Ed’s full article by clicking here.


JWK Shop By ImageIn our ongoing efforts to simplify finding and buying retail petroleum refueling equipment and replacement parts, nothing quite does it like image driven content to help guide your selections. If you are on a desktop or laptop, use your mouse to scroll around the image below to discover the links to many of OPW’s watertight and other line of products found in our online store.
JWK Blog Editor’s Note: OPW is constantly adding products to their line and we are always adding and removing products from our web store.  While the below image is tied to hundreds of OPW products in our webstore, we are still linking products to the various categories represented in the below graphic and have not linked any OPW Fuel Management Products as of this writing. Product offerings linked to this grpahic will continue to expand over time. Thank you.

If you have any further questions about water intrusion, OPW ‘s line of watertight products or would like to place an order, do not hesitate to contact us at 1.800.451.4021.

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