Leverage the Power of Media to Increase Sales at Your Gas Pump!

A customer spends 3-5 minutes, on average, refueling at a gas pump. You can use these precious minutes to drive more sales at your pump.

Every gas station owner wants their business to be successful—to generate more sales, to generate more profit.

Unfortunately, it’s not you who decide how many sales you make in a day or in a month; it’s your customers. Continue reading

Is Your Gas Station Prepared for the Storm Season?

The storm season is nearing. Is your gas station prepared?

From May 6 to May 12, 2018, the National Weather Service will be celebrating National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

It’s a weekly program held every year to educate people on how to better prepare themselves for a potential hurricane or land falling tropical storm.

So, is your gas station prepared for the upcoming storm season? Continue reading