Ransom Ware Threatens Marketers


Ransom Ware Threatens Marketers

Mark Radosevich wrote an article on January 17, 2018 that appears on the  Convenience Store Decisions website covering the growing concerns of cybercrimes within the petroleum marketer’s community.

Read the full article here on Convenience Store Decisions.

As the opening tagline states, “Cybercrime knows no bounds, and not paying attention to your computer security can trip up a company plenty.”

The article discusses what prime targets petroleum marketers are becoming for cybercrime and ransomware due to the high volume of customers and cash petroleum wholesalers and oil marketers deal with.  These attacks are further being fueled due to non-traditional banking intermediaries such as Bitcoin being involved to aid the nefarious schemers activities that makes finding such culprits far more difficult to impossible!

And while private individuals should be very concerned about identity theft and security, any and all businesses need to be far more concerned these days because they are dealing with the financial and personal data of thousands to millions of individuals along with that of their own business. And last I looked, technology is becoming more prevalent in everyone’s day to day life as time marches forward…unless you want to live in the wilds away from society that is.

It is always the best course of action to deal with highly qualified experts dedicated to cyber security to minimize the impact and fallout so you do not become the next victim.

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Gilbarco/Veeder-Root Safety Certification Specifications Starting January 8, 2018

GVR API Safety

GVR still requires a safety certification for each technician

The certification can be:


API and POST will be your only options for safety training beginning in 2019 and you will need to maintain one as your safety certification. All technicians must have a safety certification.  Claims submitted for technicians without a current safety certification will be rejected with no exceptions!

Click here to access the full document outlining Gilbarco/Veeder-Roots new Safety Certification Specifications.  If you have questions about this memo contact your GVR Market Service Manager for assistance.

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New Hannay Reels 3-Year Limited Warranty

Hannay Reels

Beginning January 1st, 2018, Hannay Reels will warranty their products for 3 years from date of shipment when properly installed, maintained and operated in accordance with Hannay instructions.  You can review details on warranty requirements, exclusions and responsibility by visiting the Hannay Reels warranty page at https://www.hannay.com/en-US/support/warranty/.

The new 3-year limited warranty retroactively applies to Hannay reels shipped after January 1st, 2016.

Hannay Reels proudly stands behind their products with the confidence they are providing their customers with the best built hose and cable reels on the market today!

If you have any questions on the warranty or previous reel purchases, please feel free to call us at 1.800.451.4021 or email us at counter@jwkemail.com.



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NJDEP Outlines UST Training Requirements for Class A & B Operators

UST / AST Examination
NJDEP UST Training for Class A & B Operators

The EPA has established new minimum training requirements for designated Class A, Class B, and Class C operators to ensure that those who own and operate regulated underground storage tanks understand how to operate and maintain their UST systems properly. The federal regulations dictate that all operators must be trained by October 13, 2018.

How can you become a Class A or Class B Operator?

 In order to become a Class A or Class B operator you will need to attend a class at Rutgers  that will be administered by the NJDEP and pass an ICC examination.  Click here to see view the NJ State’s document for details and links for the Rutgers’ classes and ICC examination.


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Cumberland Farms Kicks Off Best Practices Seminar Series Featuring Bravo Systems

CF Bravo Best Practices Collage

On November 8, 2017, the John W. Kennedy Company in conjunction with East Coast Associates hosted the first Cumberland Farms Best Practices certification seminar at the John W. Kennedy Company’s Mark A. Ring Memorial Training Facility  in East Providence, RI featuring a presentation from S. Bravo Systems.

In an ongoing effort to enforce the integrity of their spec and consistency of equipment installation standards for all their refueling construction projects,  Jim Scholes, Senior Construction Project Manager of Cumberland Farms worked with Tom Correa, National Account Manager of the John W. Kennedy Company to create the Cumberland Farms Best Practices Seminar Series.

These seminars invite contractors doing work on Cumberland Farms projects to learn, review and discuss how the spec equipment Cumberland Farms uses from various manufacturers should be installed in accordance to manufacturers’ recommended installation procedures that adhere to the expectations of Cumberland Farms to provide a consistent outcome from contractor to contractor and location to location.

Micah Nelson, Bravo National Sales Manager was the seminar presenter, accompanied by Bravo Regional Sales Managers, Bob Hyatt and Trent Caster.  Also on hand were Mark Sisco and Jim Holland of East Coast Associates who are the Bravo representatives on the U.S. East Coast.

Best Practices BravoAnd while the contractors learn first hand from the manufacturer how the product should look when it shows up on site and how best to go about installations, they also share their trials and tribulations of the realities on the job site. As Micah Nelson spoke to a packed house, reviewing Bravo off-the-shelf products and those assemblies they build specifically for Cumberland Farms during the half day event, the exchange between presenter and attendees brought to light details and issues new to both sides.  There were also discussions about the direction the future holds.   This is exactly what drove the concept for the Best Practices seminar series.

As Micah summed up the event, “It’s amazingly helpful to us as a manufacturer when we can have an open forum with our distribution partner, the end user, and the installing contractor all in the same room. It’s great events like this that help us make our products better.”

In support of Micah’s sentiments, Jim Holland added, “We (S. Bravo & ECA) were grateful to be a part of the first Cumberland Farms Best Practices seminar hosted by the John W. Kennedy Co. It’s humbling to gather with companies both large and small to reach a common goal.  To pull in a manufacturer, distributor and competing construction house’s to exchange ideas and develop a road map to support the end customer’s best interest, is both advantageous and inspiring.”


While this was the first event in the series, the next is already being planned.  The goal is for everyone to walk away with the feeling that such events are a worthwhile investment of their time.

Jim Scholes stated, “Thanks to Kennedy Co. , Bravo , East Coast Associates and the many companies that attended.  The presentation was great , the room was energized and the overall sense of partnership was palpable.  One of Cumberland Farms main company values is succeeding together and this event certainly practiced that.  Looking forward to the next Cumberland Farms Best Practices workshop.”

Opening the lines of communication to avoid issues is the first step to yield positive results.  Best Practices becomes part of the solution to achieve greater success for all involved by doing just that!

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Jarvis Lighting: Bright Done Right Canopy Lighting Along With A Great Freight Deal!

Jarvis Lighting

Bright Done Right!

Jarvis Lighting, based out of Elk Grove, Illinois and incorporated in 2002 was recently placed at number 908 by INC. Magazine in their 2017 list of the top 5,000 Fastest Growing Businesses and with three years of growth at 487%, Jarvis was also placed at number 15 of top manufacturing companies in the INC. 5000 list!

Sounds like they have a pretty bright future, eh?!

Jarvis Lighting is used by major brands you may recognize like the United States Postal Service, Mobil, Shell, Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, UPS and 3M.

And while there are so many lighting manufacturers these days with a multitude of choices, Jarvis has simplified things to offer advanced technology lighting options for your location that make the complex simple at very competitive prices with an incredibly attractive freight deal.

Jarvis Freight Special


How attractive you ask?

Working directly with Jarvis, we have added their most prominent fixtures and accessories to our site at great, low prices for your immediate purchase to ship directly to your door from Jarvis with a total shipping cost of ONE DOLLAR!

Yes, you read that right.  Your total shipping cost will be only $1.00 on any size Jarvis Lighting order you place through the John W. Kennedy Company web store!

And don’t worry, if you can’t find the Jarvis light fixture or accessories you are looking for on our web site, by all means call us at 1.800.238.1225 to order and you will receive the same low web prices along with the one dollar freight special.

Wait,  There’s More! 

Most orders can ship immediately; same day if we get the order early enough!DLC

Every Jarvis light fixture comes with a 5 or 10-year limited warranty and are DLC listed, which means your purchase possibly qualifies for rebates offered through your local utility company.

And we haven’t even begun to discuss the merits of specific Jarvis products yet, so why don’t we….

In the next few weeks, we will introduce various Jarvis Lighting products.  You will already find a wide variety of what they have to offer ready for purchase listed on the  John W. Kennedy Web Store.


Jarvis XBEAM Petroleum Canopy LightingThe XBEAM

No, the XBEAM isn’t the Empire’s latest weapon against the rebel alliance but it is a weapon against traditional petroleum canopy light fixtures that distribute their light directly down to the ground, providing poor visibility to anything on the periphery such as the face of your dispensers.

The XBEAM series, patent pending Crossbeam TM  optics illuminates vertical surfaces to make them more visible from a distance.  And we all know that well-lit locations attract more customers, providing customers with the perception of cleanliness and safety.   And perception is reality!  Plus, I can’t recall any fixture that boasts some of the advantages I have seen in the promotional materials and videos for the XBEAM series petroleum canopy lighting.

The XBEAM is available in a 400 and 600 watt metal halide equivalent with (4) LED’s in 5000K daylight white and 5700K cool white, a prismatic glass lens and a 0-10v dimming option. The 600-HO (High Output) comes with a high clarity glass lens.

Brighten your station’s outlook in a whole new way today by ordering your Jarvis XBEAM petroleum canopy lighting here!

Jarvis SCRT LSI Scottsdale Retrofit Canopy Light


SCRT Series

Do you currently have LSI Scottsdale++ canopy lighting that you would like to upgrade to a more cost effective LED solution simply and easily?  Look no further than the Jarvis SCRT series retrofit.  The SCRT’s can be retrofitted quickly to start reducing your monthly utility bill right away.

Equivalent to a 320 watt metal halide fixture, the 4-LED SCRT comes in a 0-10v dimmable and non-dimmable version that can be retrofitted into the existing Scottsdale++ housing.  Watch the video below to see how quick and easy the SCRT’s can be replaced.

Shop here to retrofit your old Scottsdales with the SCRT’s now!


Jarvis Canopy Retrofit Adapter PanelsPETROLEUM CANOPY ADAPTER PANELS

As often can be the case when replacing existing canopy fixtures with a new and different product, adapter panels are needed to either retrofit into an existing 2-foot square box (a very popular style housing used by many different manufacturers over the years) or cover an area that has been cut out of the canopy to install the original fixtures.  Jarvis has a standard white adapter panel for  use in those typical old-style 2-foot square boxes that range from 20.5 to 23.5 inches as well as a 23.5 inch blank-out panel.

If you need something other than the typical sizes and standard white finish, Jarvis can customize size and color to fit your needs.

Jarvis also has a video that shows how a typical panel is retrofitted into an existing box:

Click here to browse through the standard panels currently offered



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++ “Scottsdale” is a registered trademark of LSI Industries, Inc.

Franklin Fueling Systems Launches Cable Tight Wire Management System

FFS Cable Tight Wire Management System

FFS Cable TightTM Product Launch

Franklin Fueling Systems is on  a tear at the moment as they launch new products and now a line of products under the Cable TightTM brand.  The Cable TightTM wire management system boasts the ability to provide a true watertight end-to-end solution for electrical, sensor, and data wire management. Like Franklin’s UPP products, it is an electrofusion welding installation process that creates one seamless system from the HDPE-constructed electrical conduit, entry seals to sumps.

Highly Flexible Cable Tight

Highly Flexible, Highly Durable

Available in 3/4″ and 1″ in rolls of 1000′ and 1500′ coils,  Cable TightTM ‘s  highly durable and corrosion resistant materials won’t crack if bent, shatter if hit with a tool or stepped on in cold weather installations after it’s been laid out on a busy job site.FFS Cable Tight Website

Along with a plethora of configurations, options, tools and information, you’ll find everything you need to get the job done in nearly the same time it takes to install PVC conduit.  Franklin has not only created a Cable Tight System website that includes videos and downloads but you can also find Cable Tight under the new Wire Management section of the Franklin Fueling website.


Check out the Cable TightTM overview and installation videos:

Real Contractors, Real Reactions:

Polyethylene Sump System Overview:

Fiberglass Sump System Overview:

Polyethylene Sump Installation:

Fiberglass Sump Installation:

Dispenser Sump Installation:

Cable TightTM technical tools:

If you are interested in learning more or to place an order for the Cable TightTM System, please contact us at 1.800.451.4021.

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Franklin Fueling Systems Introduces The New EVO Family of ATG’s


Franklin Fueling bids farewell to INCON

The EVOTM Series ATG

In the next step of their evolution, Franklin Fueling Systems bids farewell to the INCON brand to welcome their brandy-EVO Websitespanking new, EVO TM Series of automatic tank gauges with the launch of the EVOTM 200 and 400 to their existing lineup of world class ATG’s.

Checkout the EVO website to learn much more about the full lineup of EVO ATG’s. Offering datasheets, product brochures and presentations and much more on each system and which one best fits your needs.

You can also check out these videos on the EVO:

EVOTM Overview:

EVOTM User Interface Overview:

FFS PROTM Connect Overview:

FFS PROTM Site Building with EVOTM Overview :

EVOTM Technical Tools:

To learn more about the EVOTM Series, please contact us at 1.800.451.4021.

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Introducing The OPW Matador Composite Cover

OPW Matador Composite CoverA polyethylene skirt with flare prevents corrosion and rust

OPW has introduced a new manhole into the game that boasts a composite cover along with a special structural fiberglass reinforcement matrix and flared, polyethylene skirt.


The Matador is available in 37 (37.5) and 42 inch sizes, offering a plain and cam-lock version of each size and was recently highlighted on Convenience Store News.

You will find all four variations of the Matador currently offered by OPW listed in the John W. Kennedy web store with web store pricing and links to the product page and supporting documentation on the OPW web site.


  • Slip-resistant tread pattern
  • Water resistant
  • Easy removal and replacement
  • Stainless steel recessed handle
  • Exceptional deflection performance
  • Long-life performance – comparable to heavier competitor models in cycle tests
  • Special structural fiberglass reinforcement matrix
  • Two mounting options
  • Roto-Lock Option – for providing a secure locking mechanism without the need to locate threaded bolt holes on the mounting ring. The Roto-Lock offers quick and easy access while maintaining a secure sump application.
  • Painted steel frame
  • Polyethylene skirt with flair
  • H20 Rating – Exceeds Highway Specification – 20 (H20) Rating.
  • Flared skirt allows equivalent water percolation to 39” and 44” covers


  • Cover: Fiberglass
  • Ring: Painted steel
  • Skirt: Polyethylene
  • Recessed Handle: Stainless steel
  • Roto-lock: Ductile iron

To learn more or to place an order for the Matador, visit us online or call us at 1.800.451.4021!


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Opinion: 2 Tax Deductions Every Fuel Retailer Should Consider

This article has been reproduced from the Convenience Store News and originally appeared on August 30, 2017.  Click here to read the original article on Convenience Store News. Patriot Capital

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