Are You Offering DEF at Your Truck Stop? If Not, You Should!

As a truck stop owner, you certainly don’t need telling the importance of stocking the right products at your truck stop – products that your customers need and demand.

Fail to carry these products, and you’re likely to see your customers (yes, even the loyal ones) flocking to new pastures, taking their business away from you. Most disturbingly, to your competitors.

In today’s economy, DEF or diesel exhaust fluid is one such product.

diesel exhaust fluid

DEF, or diesel exhaust fluid, is a mixture of nitrogen compound urea, and deionized water. It is especially formulated for diesel engines and works to reduce nitrous oxide emissions.

The EPA has mandated the use of DEF for all diesel vehicles, including small and large trucks. In fact, all modern trucks come fitted with a system, known as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), that automatically slows them down if the DEF tank is running low on fluid.

In short for trucks, DEF has become as essential as the diesel fuel.

Naturally, the demand for DEF has skyrocketed in last few years. If your truck stop isn’t selling DEF, you ARE missing out on a potential source of revenue—a major one.

And that’s not all…

Everyone prefers convenience and truckers are no different. For refueling they’re likely to stop at a filling island that offers both diesel and DEF. That way they can get both their needs addressed from the same stop. It’s convenient for them.

Not selling DEF means, you aren’t only losing on the revenue that you can potentially generate from its sale, but you are also losing on revenue from other products you sell.

You are losing money and you are losing customers.

If you don’t sell DEF at your truck stop, you should!

DEF dispensing products

When buying DEF and testing supplies, make sure that you are buying only high-grade, API certified DEF that also meets ISO 22241 specifications.

Find a reliable supplier who properly stores DEF and can dispense it at your location. The best way to store DEF is in a temperature-controlled environment out of direct sunlight exposure. If DEF has been stored properly, it can have shelf life of about 1 year.

We at John W. Kennedy Company provide the service station equipment to store and dispense DEF for small and large commercial and retail applications. We also sell the pumps that can dispense from small totes and drums. Our range of products includes DEF dispensing products including DEF pumps and dispensers, nozzles, meters, filters and fittings. Check out our inventory.

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