4 Key Takeaways from Gas Buddy’s Q3 2019 Fuel Retail Foot Traffic Report

GasBuddy, a tech company that operates apps based on helping consumers find real-time fuel prices at different gas stations across the U.S, has published its third quarterly foot traffic report for the year 2019.


The report contains actionable insights based on the data collected from more than 24 million consumer visits made between July 1st and September 30th, 2019.

This post reviews and discusses four key findings from the report to help gas station owners optimize their operations for higher customer count and profits.

Monday 12’oclocks are busiest for gas stations

Gas stations across the country had quite a busy time serving the customers during Monday noons. That’s when they receive the highest foot traffic compared to rest of the days of the week.

Friday evenings were second most busy for fuel retailers, followed by Saturday noons, Friday noons and Friday 4’oclocks.

Is your gas station prepared for the rush hour?

Catch them while you can

More than 40% of visits to gas stations and c-stores lasted for less than 5 minutes.

What does this information tell you?

You don’t have much time to upsell your products and services to your fuel customers. You need to capture their attention fast and convince them to shop for more at your gas station.

Fuel customers love to have a quick bite at gas stations

There were quite a high number of customers who stopped by at gas stations to have a snack or lunch.

Do you offer snacks and refreshments at your gas station?

If you don’t, you should start doing it now; you can generate some serious side income through food sales.

They’ll come if they like what they see

The report further evaluated the sentiments of the consumers towards gas stations and what prompts them to shop for fuel from any gas station. Three things stood out:

  • Customer service
  • Forecourt cleanliness
  • Outdoor lighting

So by simply upgrading your gas station lighting and keeping your forecourt clean, you can attract more customers to your gas station.

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