OPW NEW ENGLAND UST EVR Certification Course – Live Class

OPW New England UST EVR Certification Class

The OPW UST EVR live certification course provides attendees a hand’s on opportunity to install and service all of the OPW UST EVR Phase One System Components listed on the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order. Attendees will use the tools provided in class while performing basic installation and routine maintenance of phase one components. There is no experience necessary and the class is free. There will be a test at the conclusion of the class and with a passing grade you will receive a 2 year certification.


There are 2 training session dates open to all OPW distributors, contractors and end users.

WHEN: 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
(4 hour session)
OPW Loop SystemOPW UST
WHERE: Hilton Garden Inn
800 Hall of Fame Ave
Springfield, MA 01105
(413) 886-8000
WHEN: 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
Tuesday, September 11, 2019
(4 hour session)
WHERE: Hampton Inn
449 Page St
Stoughton, MA 02072
(781) 297-2900
EACH CLASS SIZE: 20 attendees maximum
(first come first serve basis)
MEAL: Coffee, Juice, Bagels
PRESENTER: Glenn “Whitey” Eckart
HOSTED BY: Tim Andersen
OPW District Manager
Please respond ASAP !!
You will be required to provide each attendee’s name, company name and email address
to officially register any attendee for the training class

Enrollment will be on a first come first serve basis.

If registration is low there is a possibility that training sessions may be cancelled.

To reserve your spot today, contact us at 1.800.451.4021 or reserve your spot(s) directly with Tim Anderson by contacting him at tim.andersen@opwglobal.com.


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Terminal Operations: API Coupler Problems and Their Possible Fixes

No equipment at your terminal is subjected to as much use and abuse as an API coupler. In a typical terminal setting couplers are engaged almost 30 to 40 times each day. That’s simply too many head-on collisions with a truck adaptor given we’re just talking about a 24-hour shift. And while modern API couplers are designed keeping heavy usage in mind, it’s only natural that they develop problems over their course of use. These problems must be addressed ASAP to ensure your terminal operations keep running smoothly. Continue reading


National Group On Leak Detection Evaluations
While we can not definitively say how or when we originally happened upon this, we do know that it came from the National Group On Leak Detection Evaluations and a great guide for general reference in order to identify various types of nonmetallic piping commonly found in UST systems.  They seem to be quite the dedicated independent group of state and federal employees whose full time job is to regulate storage tanks for their agency’s regulatory program.

The NWGLDE website is chock-full of resources including the January 2008 Nonmetallic Pipe Identification Guide.
Nonmetallic PipePlease note: Not all of the nonmetallic pipe systems that are or have been manufactured are included in this guide for several reasons but it sure is handy nonetheless!!


Do you have piping or other petroleum handling equipment questions or needs??

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1.800.451.4021!!


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Tag PEI During OSHA Safe + Sound Week, Aug. 12-18

Safe and SoundPEI wants members to tag PEI in their safety-related social media posts Aug. 12-18 during Safe + Sound Week. That week, the U.S. Department of Labor, workers and job creators nationwide will raise awareness about workplace safety.

The goal is to get all U.S. employers to implement workplace safety initiatives and highlight how workers improve safety.

Companies that want to participate in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Safe + Sound Week may download OSHA suggestions for activities here. The OSHA multimedia toolkit includes downloadable logos, decals, a participant badge and banner and certificate templates.

PEI encourages member companies to share their Safe + Sound Week activities on social media using the following hashtags and handles:
• #SafeAndSoundAtWork
• @PEInewsfeed
• @petroleumequipmentinstitute
• #petroleumequipmentinstitute

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible for providing safe and healthful workplaces for employees. OSHA’s role is to help ensure these conditions for working U.S. adults by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, education and assistance. For more information, visit www.osha.gov.

Click here to view the full August 2019 PEI Safe Practices document

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Franklin Fueling Systems – KNOW YOUR FUEL SYSTEM

Know Your Fuel System…Or everything you ever wanted to know about a fuel system but were afraid to ask…

Franklin Fueling Systems provides a rudimentary understanding of a fuel system and takes the complex orchestration of the entire system to break it down to the basics in this nicely animated video.  This is a great learning tool to put in front of new people entering the industry to quickly get them up to speed on what happens underground or for those curious to learn and understand more about the entire system; whether they sell, install or service equipment or own / work at a gas station.

And after you check out the video, be sure to check out the various links below to Franklin Fueling products found in the JWK Webstore as well as the great resources at FranklinFueling.com.



FFSPRO Site Builder FFSPRO Advantage FFSPRO Verify FFSPRO University



Be sure to check out our ever-expanding product offerings and great deals from Franklin Fueling’s many brands found in our webstore.


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E15 Upgrade: Make Sure You’re Covered on the Equipment Side

The U.S. Environmental and Protection Agency has finally permitted the year around sale of E15. As a fuel with a higher octane rating and a lower price than E10, it hardly comes as a surprise why gas stations want to add E15 to their product mix. Are you planning to upgrade to E15 too? Wait; no need to act with haste. There are a few key considerations you need to weigh in first, particularly with regards to your gas station equipment, before you go setting a launch date and telling your customers about the good news. Continue reading